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Workersʼ Compensation Insurance

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Protection for Your Business

With more than 110 years of workers’ compensation experience, EMC is an insurance company you can count on.

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Workplace accidents happen. When they do itʼs important to make sure your employees and your business are protected. EMC Insurance Companies is a leader in providing workersʼ compensation insurance to businesses like yours.*

In fact, our company began writing workersʼ compensation insurance coverage to Iowa manufacturers in 1911 — and weʼve been providing it ever since. Whether you need workersʼ compensation insurance for a small business or large manufacturing operation, weʼve got you covered.

What Is Workersʼ Compensation Insurance?

Workersʼ compensation (also known as workersʼ comp insurance) is a type of insurance that offers your employees compensation for injuries or disabilities sustained as a result of their job. If an employee is injured or contracts an illness on the job, workersʼ compensation insurance helps cover:

  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Death benefits

Do I Need Workersʼ Comp Insurance?

For the bulk of employers, the answer to this question is “yes.” Workersʼ comp insurance is necessary not only because itʼs required by law in most states, but because it provides protection to both your business and your employees.

Protection for Employees

Employees who are covered by your workersʼ compensation insurance can receive financial protection if a workplace hazard results in injury, disability or death while performing their regular work duties.

Protection for Employers

Workersʼ compensation insurance provides protection to employers by sheltering them from potentially crippling lawsuits resulting from an employee injury.

Top Three Workersʼ Comp Accident Types

Why Choose EMC Over Other Workersʼ Compensation Carriers?

EMC offers more than just a typical workersʼ compensation insurance policy. Our knowledgeable team of underwriters, claims professionals and loss control experts are ready to help you elevate your workersʼ compensation coverage.

Loss Control Solutions to Help Prevent and Manage Workplace Injuries

While many other workersʼ compensation insurance companies offer fee-based services, EMC insurance policies come with free access to our innovative loss control solutions and medical management services. These services can help your company realize considerable cost savings by returning out-of-work employees to the job as soon as possible or by preventing many losses from occurring in the first place.

Return to Work Programs

Implementing an early return to work program can help control the costs of workers’ compensation claims. Workers involved in a return to work program return 1.4 times sooner compared to workers with nonparticipating employers.* EMC injury management professionals are ready to help your clients set up their return to work program.

*RAND Institute for Civil Justice, Center for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Return to work program: how can it save you money?

Return To Work Program

OnCall Nurse

EMC OnCall Nurse is a 24/7 work-injury nurse hotline that allows injured workers and their supervisors to immediately speak with a registered nurse and receive guidance on the appropriate level of medical care. This proven process resolves many cases simply with first aid, so your business can avoid unnecessary costs, claims and time away from work.

How Much Is Workersʼ Compensation Insurance?

The cost of workersʼ compensation insurance depends on a number of factors including:

  • The type of work you do
  • How many employees you have
  • The industry you work in
  • The cost of medical care

How to Calculate the Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Each state has its own method for calculating workers' compensation insurance rates. To estimate your workers' compensation insurance costs, workers' compensation insurance companies use some version of this equation which uses information on your business’ risk, total payroll and claims history.

Class code rate multiplied by experience mod multiplied by payroll divided by 100 equals an estimate of your workers compensation premium.
Class code rate multiplied by experience mod multiplied by payroll divided by 100 equals an estimate of your workers compensation premium.

What Types of Injuries Does Workersʼ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Injuries or illnesses that occur or worsen as a result of employment are generally covered by workersʼ compensation insurance. Whether or not an injury or illness is covered will depend on your stateʼs laws.

In general, for an injury to be covered by workersʼ compensation insurance it must:

  • Have happened to an employee (not a vendor or independent contractor)
  • Occurred during the course of employment
  • Resulted in impaired and/or lost wages

Count on EMC® for Quality Workersʼ Compensation Insurance

Whether you need workersʼ compensation insurance for a small business or a large contractor, EMC will work with you to create a workersʼ comp insurance program that works for you. Plus, our trusted team will recommend ways to lower your claims costs through safety and loss control solutions. And with more than 110 years of experience, customers know they can Count on EMC® — and you can too.

*EMC's workers' compensation insurance is only available in select states.

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