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Insurance for Wholesale Distributors

EMC Insurance Companies has the knowledge and expertise to provide the right business insurance for distributors. We offer a full range of commercial insurance policies for wholesale distributors including apparel distributors, construction equipment wholesalers, food and beverage distributors and vehicle parts and supplies wholesalers.
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EMC’s Wholesalers Program

EMC Offers Many Types of Insurance for Wholesalers

Wholesaler insurance can include a variety of individual coverages, including:

Essential Property Coverage helps protect your buildings, tools and manufacturing equipment against physical damage such as fire.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Wholesalers protects your delivery trucks if you transport products. It covers company vehicles and personal vehicles that your employees use for work.

General Liability Insurance for Wholesale Distributors protects your business from liability exposures, including premises and operations, independent contractors, product liability and completed operations.

For example, if your employee were to accidently break your customer’s equipment, general liability insurance would help cover the cost of replacing it.

Distributors Delivery Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is an optional coverage that provides protection if a customer suffers financial damages due to a delivery mishap.

For example, say your delivery truck breaks down, preventing the on-time delivery of products needed for a customer’s event that afternoon. Because of the missed delivery, your customer lost out on revenue at the event. Delivery E&O insurance would help compensate your customer.

Umbrella Coverage provides your business with additional security in the event of a catastrophic liability claim that would otherwise exceed your coverage limits.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers medical expenses and compensation for workers who get injured while on the job (available in select states).

For example, if your employee is injured while assembling product boxes, workers’ compensation would help cover the expenses related to that injury.

Do Distributors Need Product Liability Insurance?

Product liability insurance for distributors is important in the event of a product recall. While product liability laws vary state to state, wholesale distributors may need product liability insurance depending on their operations.

If you offer services such as private labeling of products, product demos or other post-sale services, you could be at an increased product liability risk. Consult with your insurance broker to ensure that you have adequate product liability coverage.

How Much is Insurance for Wholesale Distributors?

The cost of business insurance for distributors can vary depending on the size of your business and the type of work you do. EMC can customize your wholesalers insurance policy to work for you. Contact a local independent agent and ask about EMC’s insurance for wholesale distributors.

Hear From an EMC Agent

“In this competitive insurance world, EMC offers tailored insurance built into their Manufacturing and Wholesaler programs that cover distinct exposures. The optional coverages, like Manufacturers E&O and Product Withdrawal Expense, are difference-makers that help successfully gain or retain a client.”

JOE WILLIS — Willis and Moore, Inc

Hear From an EMC Agent

Safety and Loss Control Resources for Wholesale Distributors

EMC has provided loss control services for our policyholders since 1926. Our experienced loss control professionals can give you suggestions and solutions that can lessen your risks, including:

Ergonomic Evaluations* to identify ergonomic issues before losses occur. We also offer online resources to help you spot problems and educate your employees.

Slip and Fall Prevention to help you develop a proactive approach to reducing these incidents in your facility. We also offer many online resources to help prevent slips and falls—a leading cause of workplace injuries.

Hazard Control Assessments to identify hazards that pose the greatest potential safety risks to your operations. We then recommend viable solutions to control or reduce these risks.

Injury Management Programs* to help reduce the impact of injuries at your facility, including select provider, return to work, prework screening and worksite wellness programs.

Online Safety Training to give your employees convenient access to short training segments, complete with quizzes to check for understanding. You can register, assign training and track your employees’ training progress through our easy-to-use online training system.

Facility Planning and Material Handling to help analyze your current warehouse facility layout and provide suggestions for a safer, more efficient layout.

Visit the Loss Control page to learn more and access our extensive collection of online safety resources.

Count on EMC® For Quality Insurance for Wholesale Distributors

Whether you distribute apparel or food and beverages, EMC has a wide range of insurance for wholesalers. With more than 100 years of experience, customers know they can Count on EMC — and you can too.

*These services are available only in territories where EMC provides workers’ compensation coverage.

Find an EMC Agent

Contact a local independent insurance agent and ask about EMC's Insurance for Wholesalers.

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Find an Agent

A local independent insurance agent near you can help you find the right insurance for your needs.

Find an Agent

A local independent insurance agent near you can help you find the right insurance for your needs.