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ChemEyes Chemical Management Service

ChemEyes is a comprehensive program that helps schools with the proper and safe identification and control of hazardous chemicals. With ChemEyes, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and resources to assist in the proper disposal of chemicals that may be found in classrooms and storage rooms throughout your buildings.

ChemEyes Brochure

ChemEyes Benefits

  • Helps administrators, teachers and custodial staff address safety concerns, proper chemical storage and disposal methods
  • Reduces liability and danger to students, staff and communities
  • Assists in preventing future chemical stockpiles
  • Provides technical resources for chemical management and disposal

ChemEyes services include everything from an onsite assessment to chemical management training to follow-up support and regulatory compliance assistance.

Program Details

ChemEyes is available to all K12 schools that have general liability insurance with EMC Insurance Companies. The disposal of all chemicals and associated disposal costs remain the responsibility of the school.

To learn more about ChemEyes, view our introductory module which highlights the program and provides an overview of the risks posed by materials present in your school.

Supplemental Information

Policyholders can browse additional resources related to safely identifying and controlling hazardous chemicals. All you need to access this information is your policy number.

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For more information about ChemEyes, contact your independent insurance agent or local EMC branch office. To register, email

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