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De-escalation Strategies for Violent Students

A teacher consuling two students who are having a disagreement

Learn strategies to de-escalate an angry student at school with these de-escalation techniques for teachers.
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Many high school athletes have suffered concussions. Learn how to identify these injuries and mitigate their occurrence.

Slips and falls are the leading cause of school accidents. Learn how to prevent accidents in schools.

Ensure kids' safety by following playground safety standards. This playground safety checklist can help you get started.

Some high school and middle school lab experiments are not safe. Learn about RAMP chemistry protocols today.

Winter can be a treacherous time to drive school buses. Check out these five tips to keep your students and driver safe

Smart sensors monitor your facility 24/7 and alerts you at the first signs of trouble.

Check out our remote learning IT safety tips to keep students and staff safe this school semester.

Learn about the causes of electrical equipment failure in schools and why preventative maintenance is so important.

Schools should enact even stricter food safety measures than those that were in place prior to COVID-19. Learn more.

Make sure your students are in the care of the safest and most qualified drivers.

Colder weather brings ice, snow and sleet. Learn how to prevent slips and falls with these nine tips.

Students require safe transportation to school events. Learn to manage risk when relying on volunteer drivers.

Back-to-school training can foster an ongoing culture of safety, productivity and confidence. Learn the benefits EMC!

To communities, schools are pillars for education. To fraudsters, they’re a target for quick payoff opportunities.

Keep your school staff comfortable and productive by addressing potential ergonomic issues early. Learn more at EMC.

Inspecting buses before the winter season and frequently throughout can help ensure any defects are noted.

Learn how to maintain bleachers for safety and how to know when it's time to replace them.

As winter approaches, it's important to make time for a full roof inspection at all your school buildings.

This federal law aims to improve protections for athletes by ensuring sexual-abuse prevention policies and training.

Ergonomic issues can cause back, shoulder and wrist injuries and can occur in many different jobs around your schools.

Boilers and heating systems where proper lay-up procedures were followed will likely work well during winter.

School emergency drills are important, but often done without proper planning.

Slips and falls are a leading cause of accidents in schools. These three products may help reduce claims.

Establishing firm driver criteria for school vehicles helps ensures the safety of students and the public.

Prescription opioid abuse and addiction is increasing and can be a problem for your staff and students. Know the signs.

While chemistry experiments can be great learning opportunities for students, they can also be risky.

A number of emergencies, from medical to weather-related incidents, can affect schools.

Find out more about ransomware and how you can prevent it from infecting your school’s servers.

Confused about the new reporting and recordkeeping requirements for schools? Learn more here.

Parking lot hazards increase the amount of slip-and-fall incidents at schools. Find out more about these hazards.

Slips and falls lead to sprains, strains and broken bones. Follow these three tips to reduce classroom hazards.

Find out if your staff is in compliance with OSHA’s blood-borne pathogens standard.

Old and outdated chemicals can be hazardous. Learn how to prevent chemical stockpiles at your school.

Ice buildups can easily lead to slips and falls. Follow these three ways to eliminate ice buildups.

Check out these tools to develop a crisis response and prevention plan for your school.

Hard drives are a common source of data breaches and leaked information. Follow these three ways to securely erase data.

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