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Prevent Outdoor Slips and Falls This Winter

walking in snow

It may already be January, but there's still time for you to take action to prevent winter slips and falls. Here are some simple things you can do to help protect your customers and employees.

Find and Fix Problem Areas
Take a look at your parking lots and sidewalks, keeping an eye out for puddles and areas where water collects. When the temperature drops, these areas quickly become icy slip hazards. Fix the issue by filling potholes, moving problem snow piles or directing downspouts away from pedestrian paths. Place cones and signs at areas you can’t fix immediately.

Treat Ice Early and Often
Treat icy areas with ice melt or traction aids before the day's foot traffic starts. Try paver base, oil absorbent or chicken grit. Make regular application easier and faster for employees by keeping containers of your chosen ice melt or traction aid near the doors, along with a shovel.

Encourage Appropriate Footwear
Recommend that your employees wear slip-resistant footwear. For those working outdoors in snow or ice, encourage specially-cleated overshoes (these should be removed immediately upon returning inside).

Don’t Let Your Guard Down Too Soon
Late winter and early spring are prime time for black ice, a super-slippery sheet of ice that forms when snow and ice melt during the warmth of the day but then refreeze when overnight temperatures drop. Keep up your slip-prevention routine until the danger of early morning ice has passed.

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