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Industry Insights for Petroleum Marketers

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4 Ways to Prevent Winter Slips with Floor Mats

Shopping mall with a yellow sign over a wet spot on the floor

How many floor mats do you need to help prevent wintertime slips and falls?
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Protect your propane customers and your company by meeting duty to warn regulations in just four steps.

Prevent accidental fuel contamination and other fuel delivery errors with these strategies.

Provide propane employees with CETP training and propane certification to help prevent accidents.

Spring is the perfect time to find and fix tripping hazards and fall hazards in your parking lots and sidewalks.

While you likely can’t eliminate all lifting by your employees, you can decrease their risk of injury. Learn how at EMC.

These resources can help your employees understand how to handle propane safely. Visit EMC today to learn more.

Hire dependable drivers by checking their history, providing training and setting expectations up front.

Cyber threats, like ransomware, are a risk to all sizes and types of organizations.

See how convenient stores can help prevent COVID-19 spreading with safety precautions like sanitizing, signage and more.

Create a program to help prevent internal theft in convenience stores.

Prepare for winter slips and falls is before winter arrives. During fall, perform a hazard assessment, repairs and more.

Home heating oil can be especially problematic. Learn about annual indoor tank inspections & avoid a potential disaster.

Maintaining your underground storage tanks can protect your business from floods and other disasters. Learn more at EMC.

Learn how to prevent transport driver injuries such as collisions or falls from truck. Visit EMC online to learn more!

Reduce security risks at your store locations. Learn how when you visit EMC Insurance.

Drivers should follow these best practices to help prevent delivery mishaps. Visit EMC to learn more.

Prevent c-store falls by increasing traction with mats, appropriate cleaning methods and anti-slip surface treatments.

Here are 40 ideas for transitional tasks that petroleum marketers can use as part of a return to work program.

Black ice is a risk to c-store customers and bulk plant employees. Learn how it's formed and how to prevent it.

A well-maintained parking lot gives customers a positive first impression of your convenience store and it's safer.

Static electricity can be dangerous around flammable fuel. Learn how to prevent static buildup.

Slips and falls account for about 40 percent of convenience store work comp claims. Prevention is key.

Cybercriminals attack companies of any size. Follow these tips to prevent a data breach at your organization.

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common vehicular accidents. Learn how to prevent them and reduce losses.

A response plan can help in the event of an emergency. Check out these two free kits to help you prepare.

Slips and falls can be common in the winter. Learn how to prevent them.

Mats are the first line of defense in preventing slips and falls. Learn how to effectively maintain them.

There are many myths about what causes cargo tank rollovers. Learn about what really causes these accidents.

Shoveling snow can lead to strains, sprains, slips and falls. Learn how to prevent these injuries.

When used the right way, ice melt can help maintain sidewalks and parking lots. Find out how.

Learn how to prevent criminals from stealing customers' credit card information from automatic fuel dispensers.

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