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Safety for Snow Plow Drivers


During winter weather events, your snow plow operators help make the roads safer for your residents. Help return the favor, and make sure your drivers are ready to tackle the next snow, with these tips.

Get Some Sleep
When snow is in the forecast, plan ahead to be well-rested and ready to drive. Operators who are sleepy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road.

Dress for Safety
To maximize safety when you aren’t behind the wheel, wear warm clothing, slip-resistant footwear and a reflective safety vest.

Climb with Confidence
Climbing in and out of the cab can be dangerous when you’re surrounded by slippery snow and ice. To help prevent a fall to the ground, make sure you have three points of contact (either two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand) with the vehicle at all times.

Wear a Seatbelt
If your plow hits a hidden obstruction, the vehicle may stop very suddenly. Make sure you stay in the driver’s seat by always wearing a seatbelt and never sticking your head out the window.

Keep a Clear View
You can’t drive safely if you can’t see what’s around you. Stop periodically to clear ice and snow from your windows and lights to ensure you can see and be seen.

Give Yourself a Break
Staring at snowy roads for long periods of time can be mentally draining. When you’re feeling fatigued, find a safe place to take a quick break. Get out and walk around the vehicle. Be sure to set the brakes and disengage the power to the spreader and snowplow before you exit the cab.

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