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Loss Control Insights for Public Sector

Safety for Seasonal Workers

More work injuries occur during summer than any other time of the year

As you start preparing for summer, you may be thinking about hiring some seasonal workers. Many municipalities hire short-term employees to help with summer parks and rec programs, act as lifeguards at public pools or assist with maintenance work. Due to their youth and inexperience, these employees can be especially vulnerable to workplace injuries.

Provide the Right Training

Seasonal workers are usually new to the job at hand, so it's important to communicate your expectations clearly and provide hands-on training to help them be successful. Take the time for a general orientation, and don't forget to address the specific hazards they'll encounter and any protective equipment they are expected to wear or procedures they must follow. Never assume that new workers will just figure things out as they go.

Supervise New Workers

Many summer employees are teenagers, so it's important to supervise them, at least initially, to make sure they're applying their training correctly. One good option is to partner a young worker with a more experienced employee who can monitor their work and provide immediate feedback.

Avoid Assigning Minors to Hazardous Jobs

The Department of Labor does not allow employees under the age of 18 to perform certain hazardous occupations. These include roofing operations, excavation operations and most driving of motor vehicles (except for a few limited circumstances).

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