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Effective Sidewalk Maintenance

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If you're responsible for keeping up sidewalks or parking lots, an effective sidewalk maintenance program can help you spot and repair problem areas on your walking surfaces before one of your employees or a member of the public experiences a slip and fall injury.

Audit Regularly

You should be inspecting your sidewalks at least annually, but for high-traffic areas we recommend every other month. Try to include an audit after a rain shower, looking for any ponding or areas where mud and debris collect - an indication of possible trouble spots.

Prep Your Personnel

Your own employees can easily complete a sidewalk audit if they know what to look for. Check out our illustrated Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Guide for helpful photos of common hazards.

Let the Checklist Be Your Guide

Use a checklist to help make sure your sidewalk auditor doesn't overlook any important areas. You can make your own or you can use EMC's Slip/Fall Prevention Checklists.

Document Findings and Fix Problems

Record all audits along with the name of the inspector, date completed, areas inspected, problems noted and a timeline for repairs.

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