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Ice Melt: Your Questions Answered

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Want to get the most out of your ice melt this winter? We've answered all your ice melt questions.
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Hire a safer driver by checking their MVR, setting clear expectations and providing ongoing training.

A parks and rec department has an important role in planning, designing and maintaining safer parks.

Pool chemical safety starts with knowing how to mix and store chemicals, and what to do in the event of an accident.

Protect first responders during emergency traffic control operations with free training and these planning tips.

Keep your snowplow drivers on the road with pre-trip inspections, adequate rest and safe backing techniques.

Ice inside your water tower can damage interior and exterior tank components.

EMS workers can help prevent neck and back injuries with changes to lifting and posture.

Heat and humidity put workers at risk of heat illness. Factors like water and breaks can make a difference.

Law enforcement are likely to come into contact with people who have COVID-19, so they must take special precautions.

Help prevent sewer backups with our tips for creating an effective sewer management program.

Is your team prepared to evaluate workplace injuries? If not, enroll in EMC OnCall Nurse, a 24/7 nurse help line.

Manage vehicle claims by targeting the right risks and applying these best practices. Learn more at EMC!

Plan effectively to protect workers, outdoor events and property from lightening damage. Learn more at EMC!

Are you hiring teens or young adults this summer? Visit EMC to see how you can help them stay safe on the job.

We've rounded up the best articles of 2018 for public safety agencies. Check them out at EMC!

Help prevent slips and falls with walkway assessments, sidewalk pretreatment and snow removal strategy.

Advance planning can help ensure your municipality has a successful snow removal season.

The diverse nature of public sector operations makes it challenging to control employee injuries due to slips and trips.

Follow these seven traffic control procedures to help make sure you stay safe while working roadside.

Nearly half of slip and fall injuries occur between December and March. These safety tips can help.

New fact sheet reveals which injuries are most likely to sideline your EMS providers.

Falls from elevation are a top cause of injury to public sector employees using ladders or bucket trucks.

Ergonomic hazards can reduce an organization's profits. Follow these tips to improve enterprise-wide ergonomics.

Winter can be the worst season for a roof. Get answers to your questions about preparing your roof for the winter here.

Find out how you can get employees back to work sooner, while accommodating their medical needs.

Backing accidents are among the most common vehicular accidents. Follow these tips for avoiding them.

Fire extinguishers are important in putting out small fires. Learn how to maintain and use them properly.

Ransomware invades a computer system and does not let users access their files until they pay a fee.

Safety training resources can be expensive. Check out these seven free and low-cost options.

Due to inexperience, summer workers can be more vulnerable to workplace injuries. Learn how to prevent these incidents.

Ergonomic hazards can reduce an organization’s profits. Follow these tips to improve enterprise-wide ergonomics.

Sidewalks with slick surfaces, cracks and other potential hazards can lead to slip-and-fall injuries.

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