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15 Tips to Prevent Winter Slip and Fall Hazards

Resources for Driver Training

5 Steps to Enhance Table Saw Safety

Winter Fire Safety Tips

Ladder Safety Tips in Cold Weather

Types of Heat Illness and How to Prevent Them

OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2022

Why Ergonomics is Important in the Workplace

4 Simple Steps to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes

7 Tips to Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks

Be Alert About Workplace Fatigue!

Don’t Overlook These 5 Fire Hazards

Overhaul Your Safety Program to Reduce Risks

5 Practical Ways to Avoid Lifting Injuries

5 Tips for Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

Trends Driving Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

New 10-Digit Dialing Causes Issues for Security and Emergency Alarm Systems

OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2021 + Safety Resources

EMC Loss Control Resources to Improve Manufacturing Safety

Winter Driving Tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Workers’ Compensation Costs Down

Prevent Freeze Losses With Around the Clock Sensors

6 Signs of Employee Dishonesty and 4 Steps to Prevent Theft

How to Prevent Worker Hearing Loss

12 Steps to Hiring the Best Drivers Despite a Driver Shortage

Experience Modification Factor 101 (updated October 2021)

4 Key Steps to Creating Lockout/Tagout Programs (Updated June 2022)

Tips For Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

Everything You Need to Know About EMC's 24/7 Work-Injury Nurse Hotline (updated June 2023)

How to Prepare for a Loss Control Survey

Top 10 Wildfire Preparation Tips

OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2020 + Safety Resources

How to Handle Overexertion in the Workplace (updated 2021)

Roof Maintenance FAQ and Inspection Checklist

Identifying and De-Escalating Workplace Violence (updated April 2021)

Walkthrough Safety Inspection Checklist

Fall Protection 101

Your Guide to Fire Extinguisher Types

The Dos and Don’ts of Ice Melt (Updated 2021)

DOT Audits: Everything You Need to Know

COVID-19 Signage: Free Resources

Fleet Dash Cameras: A Potential Solution to Distracted Driving

How to Sell Safety

Ladder Safety in Cold Weather

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing—What’s the Difference?

Prepping Your Building for Winter Vacancy

7 Work-From-Home Data Security Problems (and Solutions!)

The Future of Safety: Wearable Technology

Choosing the Best Hammer for the Job at Hand

8 Tips for Finding a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

5 Key Habits of a Safety Conscious Company

What Is a Competent Person as Defined by OSHA?

What Qualifies as “OSHA-certified” Training?

Speed: How It Increases the Risk of Car Crash Injuries

4 Steps to Putting an Evacuation Plan Into Action

Update Your OSHA Recordkeeping Procedures

Tackling Loss Control One Month at a Time in 2015

A Four-Step Response to Slip and Fall Accidents

The Importance of Lifesaving AED Training

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher (Video)

New Technologies Complicate Windshield Replacement

10 Winter Driving Tips From a Seasoned Driver

Understanding the Impact of Workplace Vibration

Do Your Drivers Know How to Avoid Hydroplaning?

10 Questions to Test Your Hand Tool Safety Procedures

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Hierarchy of Hazard Control

5 Key Components to Keep Power Tools Working

Three Components of Effective Workers' Compensation Claim Handling

Risk Management and Contract Negotiations

Tips for Safer Telecommuting Habits from a Telecommuter

The Role of Driver Training in Reducing Motor Vehicle Crashes

Top 5 Technologies for Improving Fleet Safety

3 Steps to Maximizing the Effectiveness of Work Gloves

Designated Physicians Are Good for You and Good for Your Employees

Will Your Eyewash Station Be Ready When It’s Needed?

10 Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

July 4 Fireworks Safety Reminder

How to Prevent Employee Theft

Four Hearing Loss Prevention Steps

How to Prepare for Winter Driving

Reducing Distracted Driving Accidents

Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker

Making Loading Docks Safer

The Top Five DOT Compliance Issues

Summer Sidewalk Safety Strategies

How Floor Treatments Can Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Office Ergonomics: Monitor Placement

4 Steps for Return to Work Success

4 Steps to Mat Maintenance

7 Steps to Develop a Workplace Wellness Program

Flash Flood Basics: Protecting Your Business

Free Safety Training You Can Count On

Preventing Burns in Commercial Kitchens

10 Ways to Prevent Foodborne Illness

Roof Drainage Maintenance Guide: How to Ensure Proper Water Flow

7 Myths About Floor Care

Six Steps to Nail Gun Safety

12 Ideas to Make Safety Training Less Boring

Eye Protection: What Type Should You Use?

Ransomware: What You Need to Know

4 Critical Questions Answered About Fleet Safety Programs

10 Lawn Mower Safety Mistakes to Avoid

Your Guide to Spring Roof Maintenance

Your Hard Hat Questions … Answered!

Brewery Safety 101: The Top 5 Hazards

Safety Committee Ideas and Topics (updated February 2021)

N95 Respirators: What You Need to Know

What Employers Can Ask About Prescription Drugs

You Were in a Vehicle Accident on the Job. Now What?

Your Guide to the New FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rule

9 Surprising Habits of Safe Drivers

Lift With Your Legs: 5 Ways to Lift Safely

A Guide to Hands-Only CPR

Chemical Exposure: A Surprising Factor in Hearing Loss

Winter Weather: 8 Tips to Prep Your Employees

Smart Phone Use and Distracted Driving

Arc Flash Q&A

Tips for Finding Transitional Work for Injured Employees

Get More From Your Background Check Process

Disaster Recovery: Plan Now for Whatever Happens

10 Ways to Improve Ladder Safety in Your Workplace

Using Technology for Better Ergonomic Outcomes

Heat Illness FAQ

10 Tips for Effective Safety Meetings

Tips for Selecting and Using Purifying Respirators

Women at Work: Safety and Health Considerations

A Guide to Hiring and Training Seasonal Employees

Storm Season Prep: Hailstorms and Tornadoes

Sidewalk Fixes to Prevent Slips and Falls

4 Steps to Help Prevent Hot Work Fires

7 Tips for Hiring a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Shoulder Injury Prevention for Truck Drivers

Protecting Your Facility from Power Surges

The Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

Using the Hierarchy of Hazard Control to Make Ergonomic Adjustments

Benefits of Combining Safety and Wellness Committees

Getting Creative With Job Modifications

4 Common Mistakes in Testing Confined Spaces

Top 5 Causes of Loss in 2018

10 Tips to Preventing Frozen Pipes

Protect Yourself While Driving This Winter

Preventing and Correcting Winter Roof Problems

Expect the Unexpected: 6 Surprising Ways Your Business Could Go up in Flames

Your Crisis Communication Plan: 5 Steps to Prep Now

6 Steps to Parking Lot Safety

Can Stretching Prevent Injuries?

A Guide to Conducting PPE Hazard Assessments

Don’t Fall for These Ladder Mistakes

A Guide to Smart Accident Investigation

Proactive Parking Lot and Sidewalk Audits

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing a Fleet Telematics Program

Getting More from Your Safety Committee

Surprising Summer Driving Hazards

Don’t Let Flammable Liquids Send Your Business Up in Flames

Step Up to Stairway Safety

Myths and Facts about Workplace Violence

5 Steps to Handling Pesticides Safely

Opioids: How Are They Affecting Your Workplace?

A Guide for Mold Prevention

Storage Hacks to Save Your Back

Can You Identify These 6 Hazards?

The Unseen Costs of Injuries

Evidence Spoliation: What Is It and How Could It Affect Your Business?

4 Surprising Nighttime Driving Hazards

3 Best Practices for Idle Pallet Storage

Drones 101: Tips for Your Company’s Written Policy

7 Steps for Developing an E-Cigarette Policy

The Hidden Dangers of Black Ice

Recharge Your Forklift Driving Practices

Rest Easy: How to Fight Workplace Fatigue

6 Holiday Party Precautions

Don't Slip Up on Winter Weather Prep

Do You Know Your Pictograms?

Are Your First Aid Kits Up to Snuff?

Choosing the Right Footwear for the Job

I Just Received an MVR, Now What?

Tips for Finding a Good Prework Screening Provider

3 C's for Safer Sprinkler Systems

The Benefits and Risks of Telecommuting

8 Steps to Simplify Your Risk Management Program

8 Ways to Stay Safe in Confined Spaces

Quick Fixes for Contact Stresses

3 Steps for Selling Ergonomics to Management

Flashing: Undercover Protection for Your Roof

10 Tips for Safer Parking Lots

How to Select the Right Hard Hat

5 Ways to Stop Tailgating

How to Reduce Turnover With Ergonomics

3 Ways Your Business Can Be Flooded, and How to Stay Dry

A Crash Course on Lightning Safety

6 Steps Toward Building a Culture of Safety at Your Workplace

Tips for Reducing Injuries in Older Workers

Myth or Fact: Is It Safe to Use a Hands-Free Device While Driving?

3 Ways to Minimize Combustible Dust Hazards

Best Practices for Safely Charging Forklift Batteries

5 Surprising Benefits of a Clean and Organized Workplace

Improving Fleet Safety: A Q&A With a Loss Control Expert

New OSHA Reporting Rule in Effect Now

Top 5 Loss Drivers for Last Year and Resolutions for the New Year

FAQs About Employee Background Checks

Outdoor Slip and Fall Problems and Solutions

Nine Best Practices for Establishing a Near-Miss Reporting System

Three Key Elements for Atmospheric Testing of Confined Spaces

Tips for Battling Eye Injuries

Five Steps for Making the Most of Safety Data Sheets

Creative Solutions to Reduce Manual Material Handling Injuries

Three Strategies to Prevent Dehydration in the Workplace

How Prework Screening Can Help Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

FAQs About Prework Screening!

Five Ways to Celebrate National Forklift Safety Day

Six Strategies to Reduce Hotwork Losses

Protect Your Facility from Power Surges

Top Five Factors That Lead to Trucking Accidents

Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving

A Guide for Hiring Safer Drivers

Plan to Be Open for Business After a Loss

Five Surprising Landscaping Hazards

Storing Flammable Liquids Safely

Blink Now to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Three Steps to Portable Ladder Safety

Five Precautions to Take When Removing Rooftop Snow

Thawing Frozen Pipes the Right Way

Safety Committees: A Guide for Getting Started

Does Your Protective Eyewear Fit the Job?

Equipment Theft Prevention Tips from the Pros

Avoid Emergency Planning and Training Mistakes

Reduce Losses and Costs With an Injury Management Program

Controlling Losses Through MVR Monitoring

Protect Your Commercial Property From Lightning

Fighting Workplace Fatigue

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