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Prevent Freeze Losses With Around the Clock Sensors

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From electrical damage to frozen and bursting pipes, cold weather presents a variety of dangers that can disrupt your operations and lead to major losses. EMC data shows that the average cost of a freeze loss is around $28,000. But preparation and early detection can make all the difference.

Sensor Systems by HSB

EMC partners with HSB to offer a sensor-based freeze prevention monitoring service that helps protect your facilities—even when they’re empty. The freeze prevention package includes sensors that monitor your building 24/7 and sends alerts whenever falling interior temperatures suggest trouble.

So, how exactly does the system work? Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Sensor Systems by HSB.

How will the sensors benefit me?

Sensors monitor conditions when you�re not on-site and send you an alert when there are signs of a problem, so you can fix it before more damage occurs. For example, if a sensor detects falling indoor temperature, due to a power outage or a thermostat that was inadvertently turned off, a quick notification may give you enough time to act before serious damage or business disruption can occurs. Additionally, the ability to track temperatures can offer insight on how to adjust temperature settings to optimize your energy costs.

What are my responsibilities as part of this program?

Once you successfully install your sensors, it’s vital that you designate a contact person who will receive alerts. It’s extremely important you keep this information up to date to ensure alerts are sent to someone who can respond.

Where are the sensors installed?

Depending on the size of your facility and the kit you receive, sensors may be spread out and/or placed on multiple floors. Common installation locations include water sensors in mechanical rooms and temperature/humidity sensors in office spaces. The installation guide provided in your sensor kit will include additional information.

Where can I find help installing my sensors?

Our installation guide contains easy to-follow instructions that walk you through the entire process, from sensor placement to activation. If you need additional guidance, you can access the Sensor Systems by HSB online portal for helpful documents. If you continue to have issues, call the Monitoring and Support Center at 844-468-1866.

Do I have to monitor my sensors?

No, Sensor Systems by HSB is automatic and vigilant. If the sensors detect a possible problem, an alert will be sent to your designated contact person.

Can I check the data measured by my sensors?

You can review your data through the Sensor Systems by HSB online portal at any time. The portal is secure and cloud-based with in-depth sensor data and powerful analytics tools.

What should I do if there is an alert at my facility?

When a possible issue is detected, a text or email notification is sent to the designated contact person. Your contact should review the information in the alert and take appropriate action to remedy the situation. If conditions are severe, the Monitoring and Support Center will call the contact person directly.

What if the power goes out?

The sensors are battery powered and not affected by power outages. If the batteries are low, the system will automatically send an alert.

Who do I call if a sensor is damaged or disconnected?

If you discover a damaged or disconnected sensor, call the Monitoring and Support Center at 844-468-1866.

What should I expect when I sign up?

When you sign up for Sensor Systems by HSB, you will receive a kit containing all the equipment you need to get started. Depending on your location and size, there may be several different types of sensors included, such as those that measure conditions like the presence of water, low or high temperatures, or moisture in the air. All equipment is noninvasive and designed for easy installation.

How much does it cost?

The system is leased as a shared-cost monitoring service and price can vary depending on the number of sensors required to adequately monitor your facility. EMC policyholders with a typical sized office location can lease the sensor equipment from HSB for just $200/year. In fact, the cost is less than the typical property deductible.

What happens if I change my insurance carrier?

If your coverage with EMC ends, you can continue in the program, but the total cost of the monitoring service will become your responsibility.

How do I enroll?

EMC policyholders must log in to Policyholder Access and click the Building Sensors button on the landing page. If you need help registering for Policyholder Access, call EMC’s IT support team at 877-249-0581. Download the brochure or contact your local EMC marketing representative for more information.

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