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How to Prepare for a Loss Control Survey

At EMC, we refer to on-site safety consultations as “loss control surveys.” You might get the impression that this will be a “loss control inspection,” but we’re simply helping you identify and better manage risks—there is no need to stress! Check out the video below for a brief introduction on our survey processes and keep reading for answers to commonly asked questions regarding loss control surveys.

What is a loss control survey?

A loss control survey helps EMC better understand your organization’s premises and operations. An EMC field representative visits your organization to help you identify and better manage risks that could potentially cause losses.

Why was my company selected for a safety survey?

You may have been selected because you’re a new policyholder. However, it’s often the EMC underwriting team that requests surveys, based on a companies’ exposure to risk or past losses.

You can also request a survey if you have a safety concern or want assistance in identifying ways you can better control risks.

How are loss control surveys scheduled?

Regardless of the reason for the visit, you will be contacted 2-4 weeks in advance to schedule the survey at a time that works best for you and the representative.

How should I prepare for my company’s loss control survey?

You should have someone available to accompany the field representative and answer any questions. You can have a single individual or several specialized individuals. These individuals could be the company owner, plant manager, risk manager, safety manager, representatives from your safety committee, HR department staff member, maintenance supervisor, fleet supervisor or individuals in similar positions.

Depending on the scope of the survey, you may be requested to have a few items available for review, such as:

  • Building construction details
  • Documents about your safety program
  • Drivers lists
  • Information on your products
  • Injury reports
  • Training records and certificates

What can I expect to happen during the survey?

The group involved in the survey will meet to get everyone on the same page. Topics of discussion will vary depending on the coverage you have, but likely will include company operations, products, history and construction of the building, safety programs and training, maintenance procedures and loss trends.

This meeting is followed by the physical survey. The group walks through your facility together and evaluates your company’s exposures and controls. The field representative may look at your building’s materials and construction, as well as details like your fire control system, machine guarding and the like.

In addition to touring the building, the group also checks for hazards outside the building, including hydrants, sidewalks, parking lots and the general condition of the building’s exterior. If applicable to your organization, the group may also visit and tour a job site.

The field representative will likely take photos throughout the walk-through to document any risks they notice.

What happens after the survey?

After the on-site survey, you’ll reconvene for a closing review and summary session where your field representative discusses their findings and recommends solutions for controlling any exposures that were uncovered during the survey.

Your field representative may also suggest other services, resources or training offered by EMC to help you control the hazards noted during the survey. And within a few days, you will receive an email listing any significant recommendations for improvement that were discussed. You will then be asked to respond with your plans to reduce the identified hazards.

Your agent and EMC field representative will be available to answer questions or provide follow-up support as needed.

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