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Five Ways To Improve Your Wellness Program

3 facts about wellness programs

A 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report found that 92 percent of the companies surveyed with a wellness program in place agreed that these programs are effective.The report also states that 61 percent of the companies claim they have a healthier workforce as a result of having a wellness program in place.

Wellness initiatives can range from distributing educational materials to hosting health screenings, but the success of a wellness program does not end at implementation. Successful organizations are constantly looking for cost-effective enhancements to maximize the positive impact of these programs. If you have a program in place, consider these five ways to make the most of it:

  1. Incentives

    Reward employees for their participation in the program by offering points for completing wellness activities throughout the year. Some companies offer employees a discount on their health insurance premium contribution when they accumulate enough points. Incentives can also include providing employees with a form of “wellness cash” that can be redeemed for products such as activewear or pedometers. Some also reimburse employees for their health club memberships, nutrition counseling and other health-related activities.
  2. Bicycle Commuting Program

    Subsidize a specified amount per year toward bicycle commuting expenses (e.g., gear, tune-ups, maintenance or storage) when employees log their bike commute to and from work. This is a great way to impact employee health and lower transportation costs.
  3. Self-Care Program

    Encourage employees to take part in a medical self-care program that encourages prevention, detection, initial treatment and follow-up of minor, self-limiting medical conditions. This program requires resources and time, but it’s a way to educate employees and allow them to take responsibility for their own health decisions.
  4. Tech Time-Out

    Encourage employees and their families to take time off from using their phones, computers or watching TV and do something active instead.
  5. Act of Kindness

    Mental health is just as important as physical health. Help employees develop their self-worth by encouraging them to perform and submit random acts of kindness such as opening a door for somebody, paying for their coffee or groceries, shoveling sidewalks, volunteering or starting up a conversation with a stranger. After a specified time period, ask employees to vote on their favorite act of kindness and recognize the person who submitted it.

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