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Loss Control Insights

EMC Proves Value of Disaster Planning

EMC's corporate headquarters standing behind a pile of burnt rubble

EMC Insurance Companies promotes disaster and emergency planning for our commercial policyholders, but in March the company proved firsthand how much this planning pays off in a time of crisis.

In the early hours of March 29, a blaze in a historic building in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, escalated into a three-alarm fire and caused significant damage to two EMC home office buildings across the street. Fortunately, EMC’s emergency response team was prepared with a disaster plan and successfully restored the company to full working order without any interruption in business and only one day of physical closing.

Are you prepared for a disaster like this? Whether it’s a catastrophic storm, a fire or a chemical spill, a disaster is never expected. Without a plan in place, your company is likely to lose more productivity, spend more on recovery and be at higher risk of closing your doors for good.

Use EMC’s online loss control resources to help create a disaster and emergency plan for your business. Check out the valuable resources located on our Disaster and Emergency Preparedness page.

If you already have a plan in place, your EMC loss control representative would be happy to review it and make recommendations to help ensure your business is well prepared.

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