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Be Prepared for a Data Breach With eRisk Hub®

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More than half of small businesses throughout the United States experienced a data breach, according to a recent study from Hartford Steam Boiler. Yet only one-third of those businesses notified the people affected by the breach, even though the majority of states require that individuals be contacted when their private information is exposed. This study not only demonstrates the need for data compromise insurance, but reinforces the need for businesses to have access to up-to-date information on how best to respond to a data breach. EMC policyholders can Count on EMC® to provide both.

As part of its data compromise coverage, EMC offers an online data breach site, eRisk Hub. This risk management tool helps you plan and be prepared for a potential data breach. If you have not logged into eRisk Hub lately, you are missing some valuable information and resources.

  • The News Center now includes information about legislation class action lawsuits and recent legal findings, plus a link to the McAfee Threat Center to help you monitor software vulnerabilities and malicious threats.
  • Additions to the Learning Center include exclusive interviews with subject matter experts, timely industry reports and presentations on a variety of cyber risk subjects.
  • New Risk Manager Tools include security policy templates, a due diligence checklist, a state-by-state breach notification guide and many other valuable resources.

With businesses using electronic records, cyber-based transactions and mobile electronics, the risk of a data breach is an increasing concern. EMC encourages all commercial policyholders to log in to EMC’s eRisk Hub to take advantage of this one-stop shop for news and information.

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