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Take A Hands-On Approach To Hand Safety

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Four Hand Safety Strategies

  1. Know the risks: The risk of hand injury is significantly elevated when equipment or tools do not perform as expected or when workers use a different work method, perform an unusual task, or are distracted, rushed or ill.
  2. Choose the right personal protective equipment (PPE): If engineering or administrative controls don’t reduce potential hazards, provide employees with appropriate PPE, such as gloves, which have been proven to be most effective in reducing hand injuries.
  3. Check hand tools: Inspect hand tools for wear and tear like broken or cracked parts, dull blades and other deterioration that could result in hand injuries.
  4. Educate workers: In addition to training employees how to safely use machinery or tools that could result in hand injuries, you should make them aware of the proper use and maintenance of any PPE.

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