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Loss Control Insights

On the Job With Craig Black

EMC Industrial Hygienist Craig Black

For the past several months, EMC Industrial Hygienist Craig Black has been immersed in understanding how OSHA’s revision of the Hazard Communication Standard to align with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals impacts policyholders. The result of his effort is the hazard communication safety program template.

“The safety program template is designed to serve as a guideline for employers who will have to supplement it with information about the specific chemicals in their facility,” notes Black. Black and other EMC loss control staff members made this program easy for policyholders and their employees to understand the differences between the old and new classification system:

  • Because “caution” does not translate across the globe, “warning” and “danger” have become the two signal words.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets will now be called Safety Data Sheets and contain 16 standardized sections.
  • Under the old system, chemicals were ranked 1 to 4 from low to high hazard. Under the new system, the ranking is reversed.

“The new system will take some getting used to,” admits Black. “It is our hope that EMC’s training materials will make the transition and training easier for employers and employees, assuring a safer workplace for all.”

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