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Loss Control Insights

Tame Rising Injury Costs

“Reducing workplace accidents through proven loss control practices is still important, but it's becoming just as important for employers to initiate strategies to control rising injury costs,” advises EMC Injury Services Manager Monte Ball. According to Ball, there is no single solution to taming injury costs. “The best approach incorporates one or all of the following strategies. The more of these strategies you employ, the more your potential savings in injury costs,” notes Ball.

Select Provider Program

By taking control during the first 24 to 48 hours of a claim, a select provider program can improve the collection of information about the injury or illness, assist employees in finding prompt medical care and reduce administrative headaches for your organization. Another program benefit is the potential medical cost savings when employees can be directed to medical providers who are part of a preferred provider network.

Return to Work Programs

Effective return to work programs reduce the chance that an employee will become totally and permanently disabled. Such programs may also reduce operation costs and indemnity payments, and improve communications between employer and employee. Employers may reduce the cost of their claims, as well as the impact on future workers’ compensation costs, by safely returning injured workers to modified or alternative duty as soon as they are medically able.

Prework Screenings

Using functional job description information, physical therapists can design prework screenings for specific jobs. Conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been made, prework screenings verify that employees are physically capable of performing the job before they are placed in that position. The resulting functional job description information assists physicians with return to work decisions, physical therapists with creating prework screening programs and safety professionals with implementing needed safety practices.

Health and Wellness

By adopting healthier lifestyles, employees can decrease their risk factors for chronic disease, which may result in lower healthcare expenses for your organization. Benefits of implementing a successful wellness program can include lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, fewer injuries and reduced workers’ compensation costs.

Start Taming Medical Costs Today

Ball’s advice to clients is to begin with a return to work program and functional job descriptions. “Those two strategies are the cornerstone of an overall approach to controlling workers’ compensation costs,” comments Ball, who also stresses prework screenings for workplaces with physically demanding jobs. “Don’t forget to add EMC’s Select Provider Program,” he adds. “It can deliver big advantages and requires little work to implement.”

Count on EMC® to Help Reduce Accidents and Costs

Since 1926, policyholders have counted on EMC for effective loss control practices to reduce the severity and frequency of workplace injuries. Now you can Count on EMC to help tame rising injury costs. Talk to your independent agent or an EMC risk improvement representative about these and other valuable services provided free of charge to EMC policyholders.

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