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Online Training

Track your employee’s training with Loss Control LearningCentral. EMC offers over 40 online training courses on a variety of loss control topics. Best of all, they’re free for EMC policyholders.

Loss Control Learning Central

General Training

Suitable for employees of all levels

Asbestos for Schools
Back and Lifting Safety
Backing and Parking
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cargo Tank Driver - Rollover Prevention
ChemEyes - An Introduction---------
ChemEyes for School Administrators
ChemEyes Legacy Chemicals and Special Hazards
Defensive Driving
Electrical Safety Basics
Ergonomics For The Mobile Worker
Eye and Face PPE
Fire Prevention
Foot PPE
Forklift Basics Part 1
Forklift Basics Part 2
Hand PPE
Hazard Communication   
Module 1: The Basics of the Hazard Communication Standard
Module 2: Pictograms
Module 3: Safety Data Sheets
Module 4: Understanding Labels
Using Flammable and Combustible Liquids Safely
Working Safely With Corrosives
Understanding Reactive Chemicals
Understanding Toxic Chemicals
Hearing Protection
Ladder Safety
Lockout/Tagout Part I - Controlling Hazardous Energy
Lockout/Tagout Part II - Working Safely With Others
Office Chair Adjustment
Playground Supervision
Roof Maintenance Program
Safe Use of Hard Hats
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Slip and Fall Prevention For Employees
Small Business Safety
Workstation Layout
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Supervisor Training

Aimed at employees who manage others or are decision makers for the organization

Accident Investigation
Controlling Hazards for Supervisors
Ergonomics In The Workplace: Part 1
Ergonomics In The Workplace: Part 2
Ergonomics In The Workplace: Part 3
Hazardous Waste Management
Preventing Slips and Falls: Creating an Effective Program
Prework Screening Programs
Return To Work Programs
Sexual Harassment Prevention: Reporting and Investigation Procedures
Understanding the Experience Mod

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