EMC agents can access a secure area of our website called Agent Access. For login information, contact the user administrator at your agency. User administrators should contact their local EMC branch to register their office for Agent Access.

Personal Insurance Policyholders
Those with homeowners, auto, liability or other types of personal insurance through EMC can view their policy, billing and claims information on Policyholder Access. Get Started.

Commercial Insurance Policyholders
Business owners with commercial insurance through EMC can view policy, billing and claims information on Policyholder Access. Contact your EMC agent to get started.

Legal Professionals
Legal professionals with authorization can access the EMC Billboard® system.

Independent Adjusters
Independent adjusting companies with authorization can access the License Verification system to accept electronic assignments and manage license detail for their staff members.

EMC Team Members, EMCNL Team Members, and Retirees
EMC team members, EMCNL team members, and retirees can log in to view the current Employee Handbook and a list of business hours for all EMC locations.

Business-Related Issues

Contact the independent insurance agency, local EMC branch office or EMC home office personnel with whom you normally work.

Web-Related Assistance

Contact us for assistance logging in, navigating our website or to report any problems you experience while using services on our site. If you call and receive voicemail, please leave a number where you can be reached.

6 a.m.-6 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday

Phone Numbers:
877-249-0581 (toll-free)


866-504-6589 (clearly indicate the fax is for EMC IT Support)

Other Inquiries


System Maintenance

Our internet services may be unavailable due to routine maintenance and updates on Sundays between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. CT. Downtime during these periods can be expected to occur without notification. If our internet services are unavailable at a time other than this, a notice is posted on our secure service homepage.

Password Composition Rules
  1. Passwords must be exactly six characters in length
  2. Passwords can contain only the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the special
    characters ! $ % ' ( ) = ? \ ; + : - and *
  3. Passwords must contain at least one numeric character
  4. Passwords cannot have three consecutive characters that are the same. Example: aaabc1 is an invalid password
  5. Passwords cannot have more than two consecutive characters repeated from the old password.
    Example: abcd12 is an invalid password if the old password is efgd12

Waiver and Release
Internet Communications

Certain information provided through the EMC Insurance Companies* website is sensitive in nature and should be made available only to those individuals who have a legitimate business need to access such information.

EMC has built security features (password requirements, secure sockets, etc.) into its internet applications that provide protection for information on EMC’s systems and during transmission from EMC to the PC you are using.

However, you understand and accept that it is not possible for EMC to unconditionally ensure security and confidentiality from unauthorized third parties when transmitting information across the internet which is a public access network.

By using the secure portion of this website, you accept the possible risk of disclosure of information during transmission between you (through the PC you are using) and EMC and hereby waive any rights and causes of action that might arise in this regard. You also agree to hold EMC harmless for any damages you or the owner of such information may suffer as a result of such disclosure. Further, you understand that should you decide not to utilize the secure socket encryption provided by EMC’s site or if you are unable to utilize the secure socket protection due to federal, state, provincial and/or local regulations, you fully accept any additional risk related to the use of less secure encryption.

For additional information on secure sockets, please visit Verisign’s website.

*EMC Insurance Companies is a trade name used by Employers Mutual Casualty Company, its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Many of the services available on the EMC Insurance Companies* website provide access to information that is sensitive in nature and should be available only to those individuals who have a legitimate business need to access such secure information.

The internet is a public access network where anyone with the necessary hardware and software can access the information traffic. To protect the sensitive information provided by our website, EMC has built security features into its secure applications that provide protection for sensitive information during transmission between EMC systems and the PC you are using.

After you first request access to a secure EMC application, the security system establishes a secure connection between the browser on your PC (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and EMC’s system. This secure connection is accomplished through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is used to implement HTTPS, a secure version of HTTP. When you visit a website and the URL begins with “htts://…”, you are connected to a secure area of the website. Notice the “https://www.emcins” at the beginning of the URL on this page. Next, you are required to enter your user-ID, department number and password. When your login information is successfully entered, EMC’s security system checks the authorization file to verify that you are authorized to run the requested application. If you are authorized, you are given access to the requested application; otherwise an error message is displayed. Once an authorized, secure session is accomplished, you can access any of the secure applications without reestablishing the secure session until you log out or your session times out (i.e., you do not submit a transmission to EMC’s website for more than 45 minutes) or your browser is shutdown.

Authentication, encryption and data integrity are necessary components of secure communications on the internet. Our HTTPS secure sessions involve all three. Authentication establishes confidence that your browser is communicating with EMC’s system rather than another system assuming our identity. SSL uses public/private keys and digital certificates to authenticate a website. When you select secure information on EMC’s website, your browser requests our digital certificate. This digital certificate is our “signature” and has been issued by Verisign, Inc., a third-party organization that has completed a background check on EMC and verifies that we are who we say we are. If you would like more information on digital certificates, please visit Verisign's website.

The data that is transmitted between your browser and EMC’s systems under HTTPS is encrypted. The data is scrambled to prevent other parties from understanding the data if they intercept it during the transmission. EMC’s system uses the highest level of encryption that your browser has enabled.

HTTPS under SSL also makes sure that the data remains intact and not modified throughout the transmission. SSL sends a message authentication code (MAC) with each transmission so that the recipient can verify the data integrity of the transmission.

In addition to our HTTPS sessions and password login authentication to protect the data, EMC also employs a firewall to protect our internal systems from intrusion by unauthorized internet access attempts. EMC takes security very seriously. We are doing our utmost to provide data access to only authorized individuals. Unfortunately, it is not possible for EMC to unconditionally ensure security and confidentiality of transmissions on the public access internet. No one can. There is comfort in the fact that the danger is extremely slight. Many experts feel that HTTPS is more secure than regular mail, fax or phone communications. However, EMC feels that you should be aware of this slight danger and require that you acknowledge this fact and release us from the associated liability when you access our secure information. Please reference the Waiver and Release page.

If you have questions concerning EMC’s website security, please contact EMC IT Support.

*EMC Insurance Companies is a trade name used by Employers Mutual Casualty Company, its affiliates and subsidiaries.