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Breweries and Wineries

Breweries and wineries have unique operations that call for specialized insurance. That’s why EMC offers industry–specific coverage and extensive loss control services. Our insurance program is customizable, giving breweries and wineries the right coverage at the right price.

Essential Property and Casualty Coverage

The EMC Breweries and Wineries Program offers specialized coverages for buildings, businesses’ personal property and the personal property of others. Coverage highlights include:

  • Beverage contamination—Beverages need protection against contamination concerns such as wild bacteria or residual cleaning solvents
  • Key employee replacement expense—Essential personnel like brewmasters and enologists can be difficult to replace in the event of permanent disability or death
  • Processing errors—Breweries and wineries are protected if batches aren’t quite right due to errors such as unintentional blending of products or accidentally adding too much water
  • Product withdrawal expenses—Expenses associated with a product recall could include costs to notify customers, shipping fees to return the products or the cost of temporary employees to assist with the recall
  • Tank collapse and leakage—Finished or in–process products can become unusable due to tank failure or leakage

Full Range of Additional Insurance

By protecting against business distractions and interruptions, EMC helps breweries and wineries focus on what’s important—making quality products. Our full range of commercial insurance include the following coverages and more:

  • Comprehensive Business Auto—Protecting commercial vehicles driven by employees
  • Commercial General Liability—Protecting businesses from liability exposures, such as independent contractors and completed operations
  • Umbrella—Proving additional security in the event of a catastrophic liability claim
  • Workers’ Compensation—Covering medical expenses and compensation for lost wages of workers injured on the job (available in select states)

Affiliation With the Brewers Association

EMC is a proud member and supporter of the Brewers Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes and celebrates small and independent craft brewers. We value the local, personalized service that these craft brewers provide, the same way we value independent agencies that offer a superior level of expertise to our policyholders.

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