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Companies, Subsidiaries, Affiliates

Below is a list of EMC companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, followed by the state of domicile, the date established and additional information.

Employers Mutual Casualty Company (EMCC)

Iowa, 1911 • parent company using the trade name EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance Group Inc.

Iowa, 1974 • downstream insurance holding company

Dakota Fire Insurance Company

North Dakota, 1957 • acquired in 1973

EMC Reinsurance Company

Iowa, 1981

EMCASCO Insurance Company

Iowa, 1958

Illinois EMCASCO Insurance Company

Illinois, 1976 • EMC Underwriters LTD

EMC Property & Casualty Company

Iowa, 1996 • formerly American Liberty Insurance Company founded in 1953; acquired in 1982; domesticated in Alabama prior to 1996

EMC Risk Services, LLC

Iowa, 1981 • a third-party administrator

Union Insurance Company of Providence

Iowa, 1996 • formerly Union Mutual Insurance Company of Providence; founded in Rhode Island, 1863; affiliated with EMC in 1968

EMC National Life Company

Iowa, 2003 • affiliate of EMCC, formed by the merger of Employers Modern Life Company (founded 1962) and National Travelers Life Company (founded 1907)

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