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Board of Directors

Our board of directors help keep EMC on the track to success. Our 12-member board works with senior leaders to review and approve company goals and implement corporate strategy while assuring the financial solvency of the company. This includes approving our vision and mission; advising management on significant initiatives; reviewing and approving financial objectives, plans and actions; ensuring management succession; and much more.

Members as of September 2020:

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While the EMCC Board of Directors meets quarterly, smaller committees meet periodically to oversee specific company actions. Below are the seven committees along with a quick summary and list of members.  

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee helps the board fulfill its responsibilities to policyholders and others relating to:

  • The integrity of the company’s financial statements and financial reporting process
  • The adequacy of the company’s system of internal controls, including financial, operational and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • The qualifications, independence and performance of the company’s external auditor
  • The performance of the company’s internal audit function

Members: Nora M. Everett, Steven G. Jacobs, Bruce G. Kelley, Richard Koch Jr. and David S. Ziegler (Chair)

Compensation & Benefits Committee
The purpose of the Compensation & Benefits Committee is to assist the board in its responsibilities related to compensation of the company’s executive officers, as well as the company’s benefit and retirement plans for all company team members.

Members:  Thomas W. Booth (Chair) Richard Koch Jr., J. Thomas Lockhart, Mary O’Gorman Murray, David J.W. Proctor and David S. Ziegler

Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee
The Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee helps establish appropriate corporate governance policies and practices in areas such as selection of new directors, succession planning for executives and evaluation of proposed changes to key governing documents.

Members: Matthew D. Griffin, Scott R. Jean, Bruce G. Kelley, Mary O’Gorman Murray (Chair) and David J.W. Proctor

Enterprise Risk Management Committee
This committee helps ensure that enterprise risk management objectives and activities are being managed appropriately and within enterprise-wide risk appetite levels, with focus on top enterprise risks, emerging risks and risks related to cybersecurity. 

Members: Thomas W. Booth, Nora M. Everett, Matthew D. Griffin, Ronald W. Jean (Chair), Scott R. Jean and Mary O’Gorman Murray

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee provides a subset of the board that can exercise the powers of the full board in circumstances where the full board is unable to meet and fulfill its normal responsibilities. 

Members: Scott R. Jean (Chair), J. Thomas Lockhart and David J.W. Proctor (Vice Chair)

Finance Committee
The purpose of the Finance Committee is to review the financial management of the companies, capitalization and liquidity requirements and strategic financial transactions of the companies.

Members: Thomas W. Booth, Steven G. Jacobs (Chair), Ronald W. Jean, Scott R. Jean, Richard Koch Jr. and J. Thomas Lockhart

Investment Committee
This committee helps oversee the investment of assets of the company. Some actions include selecting a method for measuring the investment performance of assets of each of the company’s sponsored employee benefit plans, authorizing changes in the company's investment portfolio and monitoring compliance with the company's investment policy in light of market conditions, operational needs and results. 

Members: Matthew D. Griffin, Steven G. Jacobs, Ronald W. Jean, Bruce G. Kelley, J. Thomas Lockhart (Chair) and David J.W. Proctor

Chairman of the Board
David J.W. Proctor, J.D.

Board Members
Thomas W. Booth
Nora M. Everett, J.D.
Matthew D. Griffin, J.D.
Steven G. Jacobs
Ronald W. Jean, FCAS, MAAA
Scott R. Jean, FCAS, MAAA
Bruce G. Kelley, J.D., CPCU, CLU
Richard Koch, Jr. 
J. Thomas Lockhart, M.B.A.
Mary O'Gorman Murray, CPCU
David S. Ziegler

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