Identity Theft Services

When you insure your home with EMC, you have access to Identity Theft Resolution Services, powered by CyberScoutTM, the nation’s leader in identity management and fraud education.* As an EMC policyholder, these services are available to you at no additional cost:

  • Proactive services to lock out identity thieves
  • Resolution services to help resolve identity theft
  • Document recovery assistance to aid you in replacing identification and documents that are lost, stolen or destroyed while traveling abroad or after a natural disaster or fire

To contact a fraud specialist at CyberScout anytime, call 800-634-1637. You’ll receive immediate assistance with any identity theft-related problem. From the initial toll-free call to crisis resolution, your personal advocate will answer your questions and remain by your side, every step of the way.

*The use of these services does not affect your homeowners premium, does not require filing a claim and may even be used by your immediate family members who live with you (subject to certain restrictions).

Proactive Services

  • A wallet or purse is lost or stolen
  • A home or mailbox is burglarized
  • Suspicious charges are on your credit or debit account
  • A security breach occurs at an organization you deal with
  • Safeguarding your children’s identity
  • Protecting the personal information of your deceased spouse
  • Planning a move or active military service abroad

Resolution Services

  • Unlimited help, plus a year of active follow up
  • Fraud specialist-assisted credit file alerts and notification for credit bureaus
  • A comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement and help file a police report
  • Assistance notifying creditors and other relevant parties
  • Assistance producing a Fraud Victim Affidavit and creating your Identity Theft Passport
  • For identity theft victims, one year of free fraud monitoring of 1,000 public record databases plus credit monitoring, including 3-in-1 credit report
  • Help after a break-in or medical identity theft

Document Recovery Assistance

  • Worldwide toll-free access to a fraud specialist when you call CyberScout before you leave the United States
  • Rapid replacement of travel documents needed to return home
  • Follow up to protect against or resolve identity theft after you return to the country
  • Post-disaster assistance with emergency authentication
  • Assistance accessing, protecting and reassembling financial, credit and employment data
  • Uninterrupted access to financial accounts
  • ID theft

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