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Karen CooperBeach Painting

Karen Cooper is a painter who spent her college years at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She sampled just about every department available, but textile and fashion design eventually seized most of her attention. That course of study required a fair amount of drawing classes from the art department, and the introduction to life drawing was made. Many years and many experiences later, the focus of Cooper's work is again with the figure, intrigued by the stories that can be told with paintings of people, their postures, and their relationships to each other. In 2013, her husband accepted a position with a Russian agricultural company. For three years, they will be living and working in Russia. She likes to think it is causing her painting skills to prosper. To contact Karen, email

Mary Zeran Abstract painting

Mary Zeran was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1964. She grew up in a family of female artists. Textiles, embroidery, and woodcarving, were their visual language. Abstracted shapes and forms were their words. Each time Zeran picks up a brush or scissors, she immerses herself in the language of her family. This language brings her closer to her family's traditions, histories, and stories. She received her B.F.A and M.F.A from University of Iowa in Metalworking under Chunghi Choo. Zeran's collage work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and abroad including the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art; SOIL Gallery in Seattle; and Chaing Mai University in Chaing Mai, Thailand. In addition, her work is in several public and private collections as well as many corporate collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. She currently lives and works in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To contact Mary, email

Susan Colby
Sunrise ImageFarm Silos Painting

Susan Colby's artistic endeavors began rather late in life at the age of 52 with Mary Muller, PSA, in her Des Moines, IA Studio. She started with three years of basic drawing and still life, and then began portrait and figure studies. After building her own art studio in 2007, I launched into pastels, oils, and watercolor. Additional studies have been with Dr. Janet Heinicke, Pamela Douglas, Jo Meyers-Walker and 'The Figure' with Jack Wilkes of the Des Moines Art Center. Each instructor has added to her understanding greatly. To contact Susan, email

Robert ReevesStreet Drawing

Robert Reeves was born in 1970 to a desperate runaway who sold him to gypsies who in turn traded him for a bag of seed corn, some magic beans, and a carton of Kools to a lovely couple from Waterloo, Iowa, who raised him as their own. Reeves received a BA in Art with honors from the University of Northern Iowa in 1994 while pursuing interests in film, theater, and music. His paintings and drawings can be found in corporate and private collections in the US and Europe. Working primarily from photos, notes, and impressions received while traveling, Reeves creates moments of personal significance, engaging depth, and striking balance. His work is not merely a study of the technical aspects of form, light, and color, but also of his own character employing these tools to convey moods: To allow the viewer to join him in a particular space and moment in time that is past, but somehow immediate and familiar. Reeves currently works and lives a very full life in Des Moines, Iowa. To contact Robert, email

Bruce Morrison
Fence Line PaintingCreek Bend PaintingValley Painting

Bruce Morrison studied Art at the University of Iowa's School of Art, earning a BFA degree with a Photography major and two minors: Painting and Serigraphy. Morrison works with natural and cultural heritage themes in his regional work in painting and photography. He has been published in periodicals, magazines, film, and calendars. He has exhibited throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas. Morrison's work can be found in private and public collections in the U.S. as well as overseas. To contact Bruce, email

Halle SiepmanAbstract Art

Born and raised in Los Angeles, artist Halle Siepman moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her passion for art at Sonoma State University, where she earned her BFA in Studio Art and a BA in Spanish. Between degrees, Siepman traveled across the world in search of artistic inspiration, eventually landing in the broad plains of Iowa where her parents were born. At The University of Iowa, she completed her MA in Painting and just earned her MFA in Painting with a minor in Printmaking in May 2015. She is the recipient of the Stanley International Research Award 2014 for research in the modern restoration efforts of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Returning to Greece sparked a new interest in the modernization of classical architecture through today's restorative techniques. She also admires the buildings of postmodern architects Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Jacques Herzog for their seemingly impossible architectural designs. She draws on these influences to create her own personal architectural spaces through art. To contact Halle, email

Gary BowlingStream Art

Gary Bowling is one of the Midwest's most popular painters. He uses many brushstrokes, which give his paintings a dynamic texture. Bowling uses this technique in such a way that it enhances his depictions of light hitting the leaves of a tree, reflecting on rippling water, or soaking a field of corn. He works in oil and paints on both paper and canvas. He calls his paper pieces ""studies"", even though they have the polish of finished paintings. In 1983, Bowling left the security of academic life at Westmar College for full-time studio work near Lamar, Missouri where now - working from photographic notes - he produces his large oil paintings which go regularly into exhibitions throughout the country. Although, occasionally, he still conducts workshops, Bowling focuses on his canvases. This ability to maintain a rigorous schedule is manifested in his exceptionally long lists of exhibitions, publications, and professional credits. His work is included in many corporate collections, including AT&T, McDonald's, and Meredith Corporation. To contact Gary, email

Susan Chrysler WhiteDiamond Art
Susan is the Area Head for Drawing and Painting at the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History. She has taught at such institutions as the Cooper Union School of Art, Skidmore College and Carnegie Mellon University. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, and she has completed three major commissions for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Susan holds an M.F.A. from the University of California-Davis and a B.A. from the University of California-Berkley. Her work is included in collections across the country. With her current works, she hopes to imbed potent feminist language into paintings with clear historical references to the past. To contact Susan, email

Sue Hettmansperger Abstract Art
Sue was born in Akron, Ohio. Her family then moved to New Mexico. She received B.F.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of New Mexico and attended the Yale University Summer School in Art, 1971. She is now a professor of Art at the University of Iowa and has been teaching there since 1977. She is an affiliate member of the A.I.R. Gallery, the first women’s co-op gallery in New York. She’s held exhibitions at several group venues throughout the United States and has received the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in Painting in 2008, along with several other awards throughout her career. She says she continues making art because “there is an inner freedom in exploring visual invention, an interesting place to explore the self and the world.” To contact Sue, email

Bruce Morrison Red Bridge Art
Bruce is originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa. He studied art at the University of Iowa’s School of Art, earning a B.F.A. degree with a major in photography and two minors in painting and serigraphy. Bruce works with natural and cultural heritage themes in his regional work in painting and photography. He has been published in periodicals, magazines, film and calendars and has exhibited throughout the United States, Canada and overseas. He says that he likes to “document, as well as celebrate, the natural and cultural heritage of” this prairie region. He has spent the past decade devoting time and energy to the prairie reconstruction/restoration projects and education in northwest Iowa. To contact Bruce, email

Nancy Purington Blue Abstract Art
Nancy grew up in Princeton, Iowa, along the Mississippi River. Water dominated her life throughout her childhood and is a major influence in her work, which deals heavily with land, water and sky. She completed one year of art study at Drake University and then graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a B.F.A. in painting and printmaking. She says that despite her formal art training, her true teacher “is observation, experience and inspiration ignited by dynamic beauty and physics in the nature of the universe.” To contact Nancy, email

Doug Shelton Des Moines From a Distance
Doug is a Des Moines, Iowa, native who now resides in Tucson, Ariz. He received his B.F.A. from the Art Institute of Chicago. His works are displayed across the country. Described loosely as surrealistic, his paintings are filled with whimsical and mysterious symbols, settings and characters. He creates intricate “story” paintings, which sometimes withhold their meanings, and others, which are straightforward observations. He says, “with patience and detail, I juxtapose unlikely objects, time-warps, and paradoxical settings, aiming to fascinate viewers of all ages.” To contact Doug, email

Elizabeth DeCleene
Sidewalk ArtWaterway Art

Elizabeth was born in Iowa, but has lived in Texas, Georgia and Ecuador. She majored in fine arts at Grand View University, with a minor in graphic design. Elizabeth states, “I can’t remember when I did not like to draw or paint. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with new methods and processes of painting, whether it’s texture or color. It’s important to try different things. Time, season, scenery, colors—all hold significance. Nature has its own beauty, whether it’s trees or a hay stack; the balance and character make me want to replicate it in my own way. As I try new methods, I realize how subjects are vitally important in my work.” To contact Elizabeth, email

Marcia Joffe-Bouska Spiral Art
A Chicago area native, Marcia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in art and art education from Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa, and obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. After graduation, she relocated to Council Bluffs, where she still resides. Marcia describes her work as, “colorful, complex and layered with meaning.” She says that her wall reliefs and in-the-round sculpture combine familiar imagery, rich in symbolism, with organic forms, found objects and traditional and non-traditional media and techniques. This creates tension between the image and the associations suggested by incongruous materials. The work may incorporate glass mosaic, cement, soldered wire, woodcarving or burning, embedded items, found objects, painted or carved text and representational images. Also present is a strong attention to color, form, design and construction.

Though the natural world always provides inspiration and reference, Marcia’s artwork investigates universal themes of relationship and nuances of the human condition, such as alienation, loss and longing, healing and forgiveness. Her artwork reveals her interest in cultural icons and belief in the transcendent nature of art. She considers her work to be her interface with the world around her and her way of seeking meaning in the most mundane of experiences. It is simply her method of processing and making sense out of life. To contact Marcia, email

Saharu Fakhraie Flower Art

Saharu was born in Japan as the third child of a Japanese mother and an Iranian father. She eventually moved to the United States with her family after living in Japan for a decade. Her interest in the vast world of the arts inspired her to pursue fine arts studies in high school and college. Saharu states, “It intrigues me to zoom in on the details created by folds and creases of organic matter. I find joy in taking those newfound dimensions of an object and illustrating and recreating them on another surface―painting a flowing stream where, in reality, only a sigh of a wrinkle can be seen on a petal.” To contact Saharu, email

Janet Hart Heinicke Janet Abstract

Janet is one of those people who has always “made art.” She was born in Indiana, went on to become a college art professor in Chicago, and then later, in Iowa. Her work has been exhibited in Japan, Tanzania, the Ukraine and Russia, along with more than a hundred exhibits in venues across the United States. Janet states, “Making something, watching a shape, a color or a texture emerge from the ‘nothing’ of a piece of paper is deeply satisfying. My spirit sings when I make something! So…yes…making art is an extension of life for me. Without it, I would be (and am) less whole―less human.” To contact Janet, email

Wendy Romero Beach Art

Some of Wendy’s earliest memories are from the time her family lived in Europe. The experience of being exposed to a variety of cultures helped shape her perception of the world and nurture her creativity. After earning her Master of Fine Arts degree from Georgia Southern University, she began teaching art and design at Loras College. She states, “I strive to create works that reflect an experience―a ‘visual journal.’ A set of experiences, by extension, defines our story and our lives. My aim in my art is to create works that call for physical and emotional awareness in the viewer by using unexpected, yet familiar, materials and spatial arrangements.” To contact Wendy, email

Chuck Richards Street Art

An Illinois native, Chuck was blessed with a family that was supportive of his artistic interests. When he was six, his father even built him a light box so he could trace his favorite comic book characters. He has been teaching drawing at Iowa State University’s College of Design since 1998. He states, “The processes that I use in creating my own work emphasize all that I teach in foundation and life drawing courses at Iowa State University. Most of this is very fundamental. To my mind, ‘good drawing’ stresses critical thinking, which directs a purposeful application of conceptual, compositional, perceptual and technical skills.” To contact Chuck, email

Peggy Jester Wheat Art

Peggy is a lifelong Des Moines area resident, who realized in 8th grade that her ideas and dreams could be drawn. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Colorado and moved back to Urbandale with her husband, returning home to the Des Moines metro where she’d grown up. Later, as her own children grew, she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at Drake University. Peggy also taught drawing and printmaking at the Des Moines Art Center.

Peggy works in several mediums: painting, drawing and printmaking. The Botanical prints are monotypes, one-of-a-kind prints, made by laying plants onto a painted sheet of plexiglass. Paper is put on top and the “sandwich” is rolled through a press. This technique for printing plants combines Peggy’s love of plants and gardening with her love of art. She currently works primarily from her home studio, and her work is included in many private and corporate collections. To contact Peggy, please email

Catherine Dreiss Yellow Flower Art

Catherine teaches at Drake University and lives in Des Moines. She is represented by Moberg Gallery. She states, “I am a practitioner of what New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman recently called the ‘Cinderella Art’ printmaking. For the past eight years, I have been working almost exclusively with woodcuts that are based on photographs and appropriated patterns. All are hand carved and printed in a succession of plates using a method known as reduction prints. All are printed using oil-based inks on Stonehenge paper, on either a Charles Brand or Takach etching press.” To contact Catherine, email

Holly Kellog Abstract Art

Holly graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in 1978 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. She comes from a family of artists and architects who were instrumental in nurturing her visual awareness and love of the visual arts. She states, “I am drawn to and influenced by color, light and the rhythms of nature. In my work, I have been exploring ways to create depth through color and through the layering of form, either through collage or paint. The work I do comes from careful observation of the world around me, and causes me to examine the way I live, and what I value.” To contact Holly, email

Sue Hettmansperger Another Abstract Art

A University of Iowa professor of undergraduate and graduate painting and drawing, Sue is a recent 2008 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship recipient whose work is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago to name a few. Sue states, “The language of painting embodies the morphology of form through process, materiality and its collaboration with the structure of space. Walking the line between abstraction and representation, the imagery of this series refers to the human body, botany, digital distortion, and manufactured objects… This work seeks to mirror a current cultural perspective in which boundaries between organisms are increasingly blurred, and our awareness of digitally altered images makes us question the truthfulness of everything we see in visual culture.” To contact Sue, email

Robert Gillespie Abstract Art Again

A self taught “hands on” nature photographer, Robert has progressively created more of his work digitally than on film. He has experimented with infrared film, filters and enhancing with Photoshop. Robert is a teacher and mentor for local youth groups learning photography. He states, “Using all of these techniques by themselves or in combination results in a departure from reality.” To contact Robert, email

Thomas Jewell-Vitale Yet More Abstract Art

Thomas teaches painting and drawing at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. He studied at the Academie der Bildenden Junst in Vienna, Austria and completed his graduate studies at the University of California at Berkley. Thomas indicates that he has found inspiration in the works of others, “Inspiration comes in all forms. I know that what attracts me to some things and not others is the little glimpses of truth they contain. Sometimes truth comes in the awareness of things made well, other times, in the turn of a sincere phrase; most often, just a fragment will do to catapult an avalanche. Little gifts, embedded in all sorts of careful human production, revealed daily, are all I look forward to; such an elegantly subversive cosmic plan that inspires others, bit by bit, to evolve into the change that suits them.” To contact Thomas, email

Karen Kurka Jensen Sunset Art

Karen has studied the classical sumi-e techniques of East Asian brush painting for over 10 years. She teaches sumi-e painting at several local locations and serves on the national Sumi-e Society of America Board of Directors. Karen writes, “My work is largely abstract and impressionistic, derived from hours, sometimes days, sometimes years spent out of doors in contemplation and reverie. I don’t always go to sketch but at times to simply drink in all of my surroundings, to be at one with the world around me. I have always felt the power of the beauty of the earth and through my art yearn to pay back just a little of the wild peace and wonder that I find.” To contact Karen, email

Hiromi Okumura Abstract Art

Born and brought up in Japan, Hiromi arrived in Seattle in 2000. As a painter who loves to dance, the energy, movement, and space which dance creates in Hiromi’s inspiration for painting. Hiromi writes, “Painting for me is dancing. Dancers create their fantastic world with bodies and emotions, as painters do with colors, paints, and brushes.” “…as a painter, I am very interested in movement in space; my forms come in and out of space as they move throughout the picture plane.” Hiromi enjoys the problems and accidents that occur in painting noting that, “after struggling hard enough with the chaos, somehow, suddenly, everything will start to work. This is the creative miracle that I live for.” To contact Hiromi, email

Gabriel Lueders Tree on Beach Art

Gabriel lives and works in the Des Moines area, currently working in the production of a film doing set building and scenic work. Gabe received his college education at the University of Iowa where he studied various forms of art including bronze casting and work sculpture to painting and intermedia work. Landscape painting has been a part of Gabe’s life since he was a young boy as his father would take him to do “plein-air” watercolor painting. He says he maintains a strong connection with nature and the beauty found around us. Gabe writes, “I am fascinated with the textures and surfaces in raw untouched nature.” “These are the things that inspire me to paint and travel and see the world. To feel its rocks and breathe the air and see its vastness that I might capture a fleeting moment of its ever changing beauty through brush, charcoal or pencil.” To contact Gabriel, email

Stewart Buck Contry Road

Stewart graduated from ISU in 1973 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Design and continued on to receive his Master’s Degree in Design in 1975. He has taught art at Bondurant-Farrar Community Schools for the past 3 decades as well as maintaining a freelance art business. Stewart works with pastels creating drawings with predominantly railroad and landscape themes. Stewart writes about his work, “The strength of a work comes from the foundation established by the composition and other technical elements. It’s important to base a work on this foundation, but art must go beyond technical skill.” “The artist should have a resonance, or spiritual connection with the subject.” To contact Stewart, visit

Robert Reeves Evening Street Art

Robert is a Waterloo native and graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio/Painting. He currently lives in Des Moines and has two sons. Of his work, Robert says he likes to use, “pure colors, wide brushes, and aggressive strokes to create stark, colorful portraits of very specific moments in our everyday (and night) lives.” He dreams of traveling to, and painting every major city in the world. “Our cities and towns have a music and motion. A rhythm and energy that ultimately comes from within us. I seek to portray this spirit.” To contact Robert, email

Sara Slee Brown Flowers Art

Sara was born in 1945 in St. Louis, MO. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of Michigan in 1968. She moved with her husband and children to Iowa City in 1977 where she earned her MFA in Painting from the University of Iowa in 1981. In 1997 Sara established Virginia Grove Studio in Iowa City. She states, “After many years of oil painting, gauche and mixed media work, I discovered the power and beauty of digital imaging.” Using her scanner as a camera, Sara refines the image on her computer. “For me the works evoke a sense of quiet, beauty, and serenity that I find very satisfying.” To contact Sara, email

Marcia Joffe-Bouska Abstract Art

A Chicago area native, Marcia received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art and Art Education from Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa and obtained her MFA from Northern Illinois University. She relocated after graduation to Council Bluffs and lived there ever since. Marcia describes her work as, “colorful, complex, and layered with meaning. It reveals my interest in cultural icons and the transcendent nature of art. I often incorporate common imagery, rich in symbolism and associations, with organic forms, found objects, and traditional and nontraditional art media and techniques. Themes investigate nuances of the human condition and often parallel the significant threads of my life.” To contact Marcia, email

Artie Brewer Abstract Art Again

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Artie has lived in Des Moines since the age of six. A graduate of Roosevelt High School, he received his BFA from Iowa State University. Artie is working as a Web Developer at the Art Store, as his fine arts career gains momentum. He has participated in many exhibitions throughout the state. To contact Artie, email

Steven W. Lauterwasser Sunset Art

A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Steven graduated from Jefferson High School in 1997, where he began painting in oils during his junior year. He likes the solitude of Iowa’s rural landscapes and roadways, particularly those classified as “level B” or “low county maintenance” roads. Wooded and rutty, these roads have character and Steven is always looking for the next bend or scenic hillside. Iowa’s rural landscapes speak to him and he strives to make that evident in his paintings. Steven has three children with his wife Christina, and currently drives a bus full time for the city of Cedar Rapids. To contact Steven, email or call 319-366-3824.

Earle Rock Field Art

Earle was born in 1968 in Clinton, Iowa. He was educated in the Clinton Community School District where he majored in art and graduated in 1986. During the summer of 2001 Earle had an opportunity to Visit Tuscany and Rome, resulting in the decision to go back to Iowa in the fall of 2002 to pursue his undergraduate degree at Drake University. The spring of 2005 found Earle walking the aisle to receive his Bachelor of fine Art’s Degree with Honors, majoring in drawing with a sculpting minor. After graduation, a Des Moines agent was secured to represent his art work, and Earle has participated in several shows since that time as well as receiving private commissions. His most current work was displayed in the Annual Westminster Presbyterian Fine Arts Show. The love of art continues to course throughout Earle’s being and he is currently seeking ways to expand every avenue to fulfill his creative passion with photography playing an ever increasing role.

Laura Young Table Art

Laura Young is a landscape and still life painter and is currently a lecturer in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Iowa. She has won numerous fellowships and awards such as a Pollock Krasner Foundation Fellowship, two Iowa Arts Council Grants, a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship, and residency fellowships including Yaddo, The Tyrone Guthrie Centre Residency, and The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She has shown across the United States in museums, galleries, juried and group shows, as well as internationally in Denmark and Nigeria and is represented nationally in corporate and private collections. She is currently represented by The Hudson River Gallery in Iowa City.

Dan Ferro
Large Abstract Art Small Abstract Art

Dan has over thirty years of experience in the arts and the computer industry. His experience in music, photography, sculpture, and interaction design has all contributed to the vision expressed in Dan’s work. His work is a photographic exploration of the unnoticed and commonplace, the disregarded and transitional. His subjects are common, everyday things that include advertising space being prepared for new posters and cooking pans. The subjects are the foundation for a visual exploration of form, color, and detail. His process results in a unique interaction between the artist, the subject and the technology, guided by his years of experience in both the arts and the computer industry. Dan’s technical experience includes research and medical photography, advertising photography, multimedia design and production, and complex web application development. To contact Dan, email

David Heffner
Outside Art Abstract Art

David’s entire life has revolved around art, whether making, studying, teaching or collecting it. After receiving an undergraduate degree focusing on photography and studio art, he turned to art history, receiving a PhD. in 1991 from the University of Pennsylvania. David has pursued a variety of jobs and career paths, including garbage man, chef and restaurant owner, eventually returning to photography. He considers himself an escapist and would prefer to have very little contact with the outside world. He does not view technology as a friend and his work reflects this personality trait/flaw. He utilizes archaic equipment and techniques, and has built his own pinhole cameras. With these tools, he tries to depict and/or create his own world. Currently, David works in a camera store, freelances and actively shows his work. To contact David, email

Diane Naylor
Outside Art Framed Art

Diane has studied at UTU-College of Commercial Design, Montivideo, Uruguay, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. In the past five years alone, she has participated in 26 exhibitions around the United States. Diane was raised in the rolling hills of Grant Wood county in eastern Iowa. From this background of rural Iowa she speaks of her art, “It is the foundation of strength within land and its bountiful array of colors of nature that has colored my palette. From warm saffron coated skies to emerald islands of turquoise horizons to thundering navy blue monsoon skies, I want landscapes to have an enchanted feeling.” Although EMC features her landscapes, Diane has many different mediums. She also creates whimsical sculptures and was televised on the “That’s Clever” show of the HGTV channel on satellite television in 2007. Her company, Diane’s Fine Art, was created over a decade ago and features her many different avenues of creativity. Diane’s work is also featured on You Tube, where she has created several different movies of her artwork under the name of “artistdiane.” Diane creates magical landscapes, fairy portraits, wall sculptures of whimsical animals, garden art of “Fish Schticks,” “Birds on a Schtick” and more. For more information, contact the artist at 641-472-3921.

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