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OSHA launches fourth annual heat illness prevention campaign, aiming to raise awareness and educate workers and employers about the hazards of working in hot weather. (05/22/14)

When conducting background checks on prospective employees, employers should understand legal requirements to avoid getting in hot water. (04/03/14)

Tennessee police sergeant creates series of free 10-minute fitness plans aimed at law enforcement personnel. (04/03/14)

American Chemical Society recommends that science and chemistry teachers stop conducting open bench "rainbow demonstrations" after two New York high school students were badly burned. (04/01/14)

OSHA announces final rule revising standards for electric power generation, transmission and distribution. (04/01/14)

A national stand-down for fall prevention, hosted by OSHA to raise awareness of the dangers of falls in construction, will take place June 2 -6, 2014. (03/31/14)

New hazard communication materials issued by OSHA, including a small entity compliance guide for employers that use hazardous chemicals and a fact sheet featuring steps to an effective hazard communication program. (03/31/14)

Two new publications from the EEOC provide guidance to help employers address religious discrimination in the workplace. (03/17/14)

Is your workplace ready for severe weather? Prepare today! (03/13/14)

Texting while walking causes more accidents that texting and driving. (03/10/14)

Wellness expert offers cost-effective tips for incorporating wellness in your workplace. (03/07/14)

OSHA and NOAA partner for National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, March 2-8, to address the hazards that severe weather poses for workers and employers. (03/04/14)

Recent court decision emphasizes the importance of accurate job descriptions in defending against disability bias claims. (03/04/14)

OSHA partners with fertilizer industry to get message out on chemical safety. (02/18/14)

Comment period extended on OSHA's proposed rule to change requirements for electronic tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses. (02/17/14)

OSHA issues proposed rule to extend compliance date for crane operator certification requirements to November 2017. (02/17/14)

Can an employer fire an employee over social media posts? Recent court decisions provide guidance. (02/17/14)

New NIOSH document discusses prevention of falls through the design of roof parapets. (02/04/14)

Have you posted your OSHA 300 log yet? Covered employers must post Form 300A from February 1 to April 30. (02/04/14)

Guidelines for determining whether or not an employee must be paid for time spent attending training. (02/03/14)

Recent data breaches at large retailers shine a light on fraud and privacy. Here are four ways to help protect your company data. (01/30/14)

Do you know how to spot a phishing scam in your inbox? Red flag warning signs to spot the fakes. (01/30/14)

Supreme Court ruling calls into question whether union employees must be paid for time spent donning and doffing safety gear. (01/27/14)

New guidance exempts many employers of volunteer firefighters and first responders from Obamacare requirements. (01/15/14)

Minnesota becomes the fourth state to prohibit employers from asking about criminal history on job applications. (01/06/14)

FDA's new mobile-friendly website contains information on product recalls and allows consumers to report safety concerns. (12/18/13)

Study review shows workers' compensation costs are higher for obese employees. (12/12/13)

Construction firms now recognizing link between employee safety and employee wellness. (12/06/13)

States move to restrict when employers can ask prospective employees about criminal records. (7/22/13)

Do your policies create an expectation of privacy for your employees? Here's what to include in a workplace privacy policy. (7/16/13)

New ladder safety app from NIOSH helps users select the correct ladder type for the job and measure for correct placement. (7/10/13)

Trying to start a workplace wellness program with a small budget? Here are some ideas for getting started. (7/8/13)

To help your wellness program comply with the Affordable Care Act, consider getting personal physicians involved when an employee's medical condition requires alternate activities. (6/17/13)

Ohio county offers wellness incentives to encourage healthy behaviors. (6/17/13)

With temperatures rising, check out OSHA's Heat Safety Tool mobile app for valuable information about your local heat index and preventing heat illness. (6/14/13)

A Spanish language version of OSHA's wildfire safety page is now available to help workers and employers prepare for a wildfire and protect themselves in the aftermath of a wildfire. (6/12/13)

To minimize health risks related to workers' exposure to carbon nanomaterials, NIOSH has proposed a new exposure limit for carbon nanotubes and nano fibers. (6/10/13)

Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety releases free business continuity planning guide for small businesses. (05/29/13)

PHMSA issues emergency recall order for all cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc. (05/29/13)

New OSHA webpage provides safety information about toluene, a chemical sometimes used in nail salons, printing establishments, auto repair, and construction activities. (05/20/13)

Two new dramatic educational videos available on preventing fatal falls in construction. The short videos illustrate true stories about the death of a worker who fell through a skylight and a solar installer who fell off a roof. (05/13/13)

Confused by the new Hazard Communication Standard? The Society of Chemical Hazard Communication will host a free webinar on July 25, 2013. It will focus on classification, labeling, safety data sheets and training, as well as how manufacturers, importers, distributors, and employers can meet the compliance requirements during the transition period. Click here and register by July 24 to participate. (05/06/13)

Falling off ladders can kill. Find clear, easy-to-follow information about ladder hazards in OSHA's new bilingual English-Spanish booklet. (4/16/13)

To help protect emergency workers at combustible dust fires, OSHA has published a new booklet. Combustible dusts include fine particles, fibers, chips, chunks or flakes that can cause a fire or explosion when suspended in air. (4/03/13)

How should you deal with an employee that you suspect is abusing drugs or alcohol? Check out this step-by-step approach. (3/30/13)

Flu season lasts from October to May, and can seriously impact employers. To help educate employees on flu risks and precautions, OSHA's seasonal flu page is now available in a Spanish-language version. (3/18/13)

To help employers understand which standards apply to the use of abrasive wheel grinders, OSHA has updated its abrasive wheel grinder checklist. (3/18/13)

Flu season lasts from October to May, and can seriously impact employers. To help educate employees on flu risks and precautions, OSHA's seasonal flu page is now available in a Spanish-language version. (3/18/13)

OSHA releases new informational materials to help employers comply with GHS training requirements. (3/15/13)

Help for construction employers: new fact sheets help employers minimize exposure to silica when using construction equipment. (3/1/13)

New OSHA web page warns about the dangers of hydrogen sulfide gas and provides methods for controlling exposure. (3/1/13)

New study reveals roof fatalities are most common among roofers in residential construction. Deaths are also higher among younger, Hispanic, minority and immigrant roofers. (3/1/13)

OSHA releases new informational materials to help employers comply with GHS training requirements. (3/1/13)

Police officers participating in Oregon wellness study showed improvement in sleep behavior, fatigue and diet. (2/28/13)

OSHA issues bulletin about hazards to landscape workers while operating unguarded stone cutters and splitters. (2/20/13)

Fire departments and employers are rethinking using 911 as a confined space rescue plan. (2/18/13)

The PHMSA's Emergency Response Guidebook, for first responders dealing with hazmat situations, is now available as a free mobile app. (01/31/13)

Do you conduct criminal background checks on prospective employees? You may want to revisit your policy with new guidelines from the EEOC in mind. (01/29/13)

Six states now prohibit employers from asking employees or applicants to reveal social media passwords. (01/21/13)

OSHA publishes redesigned and updated Spanish language site. (12/31/12)

Do you have the correct OSHA notification posters displayed in your workplace? Find out here. (12/10/12)

New website provides health and safety information for workers who are participating in Hurricane Sandy cleanup and recovery. (12/07/12)

New OSHA website provides information on preventing backover incidents in construction. (12/05/12)

Center for Construction Research and Training launches online resource to help workers and employers identify and control silica dust. (12/03/12)

Survey of injured employees reveals what makes them most likely to hire a workers' compensation attorney. (11/29/12)

Virginia county considers requiring cessation classes for employees who smoke. (11/27/12)

Updated version of General Industry Digest now available. The booklet summarizes general industry safety and health standards to help employers learn about OSHA standards in the workplace. (11/19/12)

OSHA revises exemption for digger derricks in its Cranes and Derricks standard. The revised rule is scheduled to take effect February 7, 2013. (11/19/12)

Black Friday is November 23. OSHA urges retail employers to protect workers from injuries with safe crowd management planning. (11/19/12)

City uses Twitter to give citizens a glimpse into the variety of calls received by emergency dispatchers. (11/16/12)

Organizations can expect five percent of their profits to be stolen by employees. Learn the truth behind common myths about why employees steal and how you can prevent it. (11/16/12)

Can I wear stickers on my hard hat? Get the answers to the top five questions about hard hats here. (11/15/12)

Protect emergency response and cleanup workers assisting in Hurricane Sandy recovery operations. (10/31/12)

Updated OSHA brochure provides workers and employers with information on the deadly risks of distracted driving. (10/31/12)

Spanish-language version of popular OSHA-NIOSH nail gun guide now available. (10/31/12)

New website provides information on chemicals used in the workplace, including safer alternatives to chemicals you may currently be using. (10/02/12)

Is your organization considering implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy? Here are four topics you should be sure to address. (10/01/12)

Tips for public safety officials on using social media to help disseminate emergency information. (10/01/12)

New guide from NIOSH helps small business owners seeking training materials and recommendations for ensuring the safety and health of their workers. (9/19/12)

New and revised online resources available to protect workers from combustible dust. (9/19/12)

Indiana county to require wellness program participation by employees. (9/18/12)

HR Alert: You'll soon be seeing a new Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form). (9/5/12)

Long-haul truckers increasingly taking actions to improve their health on the road. (9/5/12)

As cars get safer for consumers and more energy efficient, they present new challenges for first responders who respond to auto accidents. (9/4/12)

Hacking attempts against small businesses have doubled since early 2011. (9/4/12)

To help avoid discrimination claims, make sure that any pre-employment testing is related to the skills actually required for the job. (08/02/12)

OSHA and NIOSH issue new infosheet called Protecting Workers Who Use Cleaning Chemicals. The infosheet is aimed at workers such as janitors and housekeepers who are exposed to hazards from common cleaning products. (08/02/12)

Illinois governor signs law making it illegal for employers to request social media passwords. (08/01/12)

Did you know that the EEOC has updated their guidelines on conducting background checks? Read these tips to make sure you're in compliance. (07/27/12)

Think wellness initiatives aren't worth the investment? A new study from the American Journal of Health Promotion might change your mind. (7/25/12)

New document provides guidance for employers who want to offer outcome-based incentives as part of their wellness programs without running afoul of HIPAA rules. (7/25/12)

Dramatic video shows how hurricane-force winds can destroy commercial buildings, and discusses ways business owners can fortify structures to help reduce losses. (7/25/12)

Program in Washington state provides partial reimbursement to employers who offer modified duty or transitional jobs to employees returning to work after an illness or injury. (7/20/12)

To really make a dent in medical costs, Attorney Kristine Kwong recommends that employers focus on obesity prevention. (7/20/12)

Traffic fatality figures released for first quarter of 2012 show a 13% increase in traffic deaths as compared to last year. (7/20/12)

Ruling in ADA suit finds that there is a limit to to the amount of absences that can be considered "reasonable accomodation" for certain disabled employees. (07/19/12)

Help achieve your wellness goals by incorporating exercise into your work day with these tips. (07/19/12)

New method of calculating experience modification will change the way work comp premiums are calculated. (07/18/12)

On August 13 the Society of Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) will host a free webinar to present information on implementing OSHA's revised Hazard Communication Standard. Click here to register. (07/16/12)

As heat wave continues, so does OSHA's 'Water. Rest. Shade.' campaign, which aims to prevent heat-related illnesses among workers. (7/3/2012)

With July 4th celebrations just around the corner, OSHA cautions on the dangers of using fireworks. (7/3/2012)

OSHA and NIOSH send out Hazard Alert warning employers of silica hazard in hydraulic fracturing operations. (7/3/2012)

American Transportation Research Institute releases findings from truck rollover study, including a database and interactive map which highlight locations in the U.S. with the highest frequency of large truck rollovers. (7/2/2012)


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