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Website Services

Through Agent Access, EMC’s secure area for agents, you can perform the essential functions of your job with ease. Services include:

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Using Agent Access

Each agency has at least one user administrator who is responsible for administering security access within their agency/office for EMC Agent Access. Contact your agency’s user administrator, who will facilitate getting you a password and other login information.

Several tools are provided within Agent Access under the Agency Relations tab to assist the user administrator in managing security access for the agency. User administrators should contact their local EMC branch office with any questions regarding their own access.

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Website Help

For assistance signing on, navigating our website or to report any problems you experience while using services on our site, contact IT Support, 877-249-0581.

Read more about using our website, including recommended resolution setting and website availability.

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Email Security

If your business has Transport Layer Security (TLS) capability and would like to communicate securely with EMC using TLS, please complete this short form to notify us of your capabilities and submit the form to itsupport@emcins.com.

Learn more about email security.