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Good reporting, prompt, quality medical attention and excellent communication are at the heart of effective workers’ compensation claim handling. EMC’s Select Provider program helps employers manage their workers’ compensation claims by providing them with procedures and materials to quickly and accurately handle work-related injuries and illnesses. This program is free to EMC’s commercial workers' compensation policyholders.

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Take Control of Claims

The key to controlling workers’ compensation costs is knowing what to do when an injury is first reported. Our program’s structure helps you take control during the first 24 to 48 hours of a workers’ compensation claim by:

EMC has access to preferred provider networks across the country to help your employees receive quality care and communication. Program procedures guide the employer and worker through the entire process—from initial referral to medical care.

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Contact Us

For more information or assistance in establishing your program, contact our workers’ compensation program coordinator at 515-345-2175.


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