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Workers’ Compensation Claims TOP THE LIST

Schools shouldn’t focus the majority of their time and money on reducing low frequency and severity losses. According to a study of EMC’s claims reported by schools between January 1998 and August 2003, workers’ compensation incidents top the list both in the number of claims and the cost.

“Although you may be reading more and more about terrorism and lawsuits, the recurring problem is still injuries to employees,” notes Norm Anderson, EMC vice president of Risk Improvement. “Employee injuries are also the costliest claims to most school districts.”

What types of workers’ compensation claims are most prevalent in schools? According to the study:

School loss drivers chart

As the charts to the right indicate (click on graphic to enlarge), losses involving autos rank second highest in terms of number and cost. Of the total auto claims, 52.7 percent involved auto glass, yet auto glass only represented 5.9 percent of the total claim cost. In contrast, open highway accidents accounted for more than 30 percent of the cost, yet it only represented 3 percent of the total claims. If your school is developing a fleet safety program, both of these issues should be covered, but placing more effort on reducing open highway accidents has a greater potential impact for your school, staff, and students.


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