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Corporate Culture

Wonder what it would be like to work at EMC? Who better to tell you than our own employees!

“I’ve been here a year and I have enjoyed every moment at EMC. Our branch and home office co-employees are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to coming to work in the mornings.”
Chicago Branch

“The people are friendly and helpful. EMC cares about you and encourages you to achieve more. It’s been the best 17 years of my career.”
Providence Branch

“It’s easy to live the guiding beliefs in your daily work with agents, insureds and other employees when you work for a company like EMC.”
Bismarck Branch

“My fellow employees, at all levels of the company, truly try to do the right thing. I’ve proudly chosen to be on the EMC team for over 25 years.”
Providence Branch

At EMC, we truly believe in our employees. From great benefits and incentive plans to education and training programs, we strive to continuously develop and engage all EMC employees in the company. Our employees play an important role in serving our internal and external customers. No matter what their position, no matter what their location, our employees are integral to EMC’s success.