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Almost every business relies on data and computer systems, and when these systems experience an attack, critical information can be lost. The effects of a cyber attack or data breach, including loss of income and expensive litigation, can be long-lasting and financially devastating.

That’s why EMC offers CyberSolutions—a robust product that combines cyber liability and data compromise coverages to help your business or organization react to and recover from a cyber-related event.

Watch this video to learn more:

CyberSolutions Video

Coverage When You Need It Most

CyberSolutions is available to a wide variety of businesses and organizations—from schools and municipalities to offices, manufacturers and contractors—and covers the costs associated with:

  • Computer software restoration
  • Data recovery
  • Third-party liability protection
  • Response efforts
  • Defense and liability
  • Identity recovery for key individuals within your organization

CyberSolutions offers a variety of limits and deductibles at affordable rates, and can be added easily to your commercial insurance policy.

Tools and Resources Through eRiskHub®

With CyberSolutions, you’ll also receive access to eRiskHub, an online risk management portal that includes tools to manage cyber security risks and resources to help you stay informed of the latest security threats. Learn more, including how to register.

The Value of CyberSolutions

The following examples show how real companies have been impacted by cyber attacks and data breaches.* CyberSolutions is designed to help cover these expenses.

Cyber Liability
A retail business suffered a virus infection that corrupted data and caused the insured’s computer system to stop functioning properly, resulting in a loss of income. The insured hired an IT firm to remove the virus and reinstall software.

  • Loss of income and system restoration costs: $22,000

The customers of an insured equipment dealer began to receive strange email messages that appeared to have come from the firm. The firm’s owner called an outside IT consultant who investigated and confirmed the insured’s computer had been infected by a virus. The virus was removed by the IT vendor.

Several weeks later, the dealer received a certified letter from a local lawyer alleging that a former customer of the equipment dealer had been infected by a virus received in an email message sent by the dealer. According to the letter, the former customer had suffered a variety of different kinds of harm related to the virus and had incurred significant cost to have the virus removed.

  • Total first- and third-party costs: $48,200

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Data Compromise and Identity Recovery
Identity thieves used card skimmers at a gas station to steal bank account numbers with PIN codes from 550 customers. The thieves created false debit cards and used the stolen information at ATMs to drain funds from client accounts.

  • Cost of notification and services: $19,250

An employee of an investment advisor company installed peer-to-peer file sharing software on a company computer. Identity thieves manipulated the peer-to-peer software to access the private investment records of 2,000 clients.

  • Cost of notification and services: $70,000

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*Examples provided by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.

The sample case files provided above are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as predictions of coverage for a claim. The terms and conditions of your insurance policy, including exclusions, in conjunction with state and federal laws, establish coverage. It is important to check your insurance policy for the specific risks that are covered.

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Select the images below to find out more about cyber risks and how CyberSolutions can protect your business or organization. Contact your independent insurance agent for a quote.

CyberSolutions Brochure

CyberSolutions Infographic and link

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