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EMC Businessowners Coverage Highlights

The following are general eligibility standards and crage highlights for EMC Businessowners products. If you’re a business owner, contact a local EMC insurance agent to determine which EMC insurance product is best for your business.

For class-specific eligibility requirements, classes and coverages, agents should refer to the Agent Insider: EMC Businessowners brochure (MK8600).

General Standards

PropertyExtensionExpanded Extension
Accounts Receivable
     On Premises*
     Off Premises


Arson and Theft Reward$5,000$10,000
Brands and LabelsIncludedIncluded
Building Limit: Automatic increase*Included at 8%Included at 8%
Business Income: ALS
     Also civil authority, no waiting period

No waiting period

No waiting period
Business Income: Extended period*30 days60 days
Business Income from Dependent Properties
     Also civil authority, no waiting period
Business Income Ordinary Payroll*60 days60 days
Business Personal Property: Off premises or in transit$25,000$25,000
Business Personal Property: Seasonal increase*25%25%
Claims Data Expense$2,500$5,000
Debris Removal*25%/$10,00025%/$25,000
Employee Dishonesty*$10,000$25,000
Equipment BreakdownIncluded by endorsementIncluded by endorsement
Fine Art$10,000$25,000
Fire Department Service Charge$10,000$10,000
Fire Extinguishing Equipment Recharge Expense$10,000$25,000
Forgery and Alteration*$10,000$25,000
Glass Breakage: Interior and exterior (for insured tenants also)IncludedIncluded
Glass Expense: Temporary repairsIncludedIncluded
Increased Cost of Construction*$20,000See Ordinance or Law
Lock Replacement and Rekeying$1,000$2,500
Money and Securities*$10,000$10,000
Money Orders and Counterfeit Money$2,500$10,000
Newly Acquired
     Business Personal Property
     Business Income

90 days/$500,000
90 days/$250,000
90 days/$100,000

120 days/$1,000,000
120 days/$500,000
120 days/$250,000
Ordinance or Law*See Increased Cost of Construction$25,000
Outdoor Property (with expanded causes of loss)*$10,000$20,000
Personal Effects (no per person sublimit)$5,000$10,000
Pollutant Cleanup and Removal$10,000$25,000
Premises Boundary Definition1,000 ft1,000 ft
Premises Damage from Burglary or Robbery$5,000$5,000
Preservation of Property30 days45 days
Replacement Cost Valuation: All losses under $2,500IncludedIncluded
Signs: Attached to the buildingIncluded in building limitIncluded in building limit
Signs: Not attached to the building*See Outdoor PropertySee Outdoor Property
Theft of Furs, Jewelry, Dies, Molds, Forms and Patterns$2,500$5,000
Utilities Services: Direct damage*$10,000$25,000
Valuable Papers and Records
     On Premises*
     Off Premises


Water Backup and Sump Overflow$5,000$10,000
LiabilityExtensionExpanded Extension
Bodily Injury DefinitionIncludes mental anguishIncludes mental anguish
Broad Form Property Damage LiabilityIncludedIncluded
Damage to Premises Rented to You*$300,000$300,000
Host Liquor LiabilityIncludedIncluded
Medical Expense*$5,000$5,000
Medical Payments Expense Reporting3 years3 years
Liability for Nonowned Watercraft: Less than 51 ftIncludedIncluded
Personal and Advertising InjuryIncludedIncluded
Products and Completed Operations Aggregate*2X occurrence limit2X occurrence limit
Supplementary Payments
     Cost of Bail Bonds
     Actual Loss of Earnings (time away from work due to claim or suit)

Up to $ 3,000
Up to $350/day

Up to $ 3,000
Up to $350/day
Who Is an Insured
     Expanded Definition of Insured Subsidiaries
     Volunteer Workers
     Newly Formed or Acquired Organizations

180 days

180 days

* Limits/Conditions may be modified depending on the coverage. Contact your EMC underwriter for additional information.

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